Outkast Tackle Trusty Cable Tool

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If you own a Lowrance unit - you need the Trusty Cable Tool - it’s that simple. Any time you need to remove, or install the power, sonar, or side-imaging cables on your Lowrance unit, just slide the Trusty Cable Tool over the cable nut, and give it a twist. Once loosened, simply remove the Trusty Cable Tool, and remove the cable. It's that simple.

Next time you’re camping, traveling, or just parking the boat on the street, you can quickly remove your graph without damaging the cables. No longer will you have to leave thousands of dollars of electronics attached to your boat due to the hassle of removing it. Installation is as simple as reversing the process, so you don’t have to waste time in the morning installing your unit with freezing fingers, or damage-causing pliers. Save time, money, and grief by picking up a Trusty Cable Tool today. 

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Awesome product.  Especially in the cold / cool times.  Allows those fat fingers to get the connections on or off easily.

From: David: MO

Comments: This is probably the BEST accessory I bought for my units about 6 months ago. When your fingers are cold and you have to fight to turn the cable - just break out your Trusty Cable Tool and take them off in seconds. Each end is different - one size for the blue connectors, the other end is for the yellow. I put velcro around mine, then attached another piece of velcro in the top of one of my compartment lids so that I never lose it.

From: Russ: Canton, GA

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