T-H Marine Two Way Boat Alarm

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The Two Way Boat Alarm system can protect your boat, equipment and season. In recent years boat security has become more important and thefts have grown all across the country. When the Two Way Boat Alarm is triggered, not only does the 128db siren in the boat go off, but the remote alerts you with sound, light and vibration up to 3000 yards away. This lets you leave your boat to eat, shop, and sleep, knowing your boat is secure.

Working off a shock sensor, the Two Way Boat Alarm is easy to install. It is not necessary to wire each compartment. The shock sensor detects intruders throughout the boat. Just hook the red wire to a positive lead, black to negative and, optional, yellow to your interior light. Place the main unit to the boat with the provided two sided mounting tape and do the same with siren and antenna. There is a sensitivity adjustment to prevent false alarms and a way to add an additional remote.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Got the install done, not that complicated using Velcro and a 12V adapter for power and to make it removable.  Did not take long for the two-way key fob cover to break off with normal handling.  Then, the entire two way alarm fell apart last fall.  Buying a loc-r bar and moving on.

From: Fatswarcat: Irony, PA 3/15/14

Comments: Don't waster your $$$!!! Look at motorcycle alarms, usually they run from $15-40 and are the same type of alarm.(Shock sensing alarm) Most kits even have 2 remotes.

From: Savvy Angler: St. Paul, MN

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