Every Tylure Kicker Shad is completely hand made one at a time to provide anglers with the highest quality lures on the water. Extremely realistic with hand painted detailing and a life-like profile, the Tylure Kicker Shad accurately mimics a live Shad. The bait's incredibly flexible two-joint system allows for free movement in the water and facilitates the bait's enticing swimming motion. Also, anglers can fish every Tylure Kicker Shad right out of the package because each one has been tank tested and hand tuned to ensure they swim properly before they leave the Tylure facilities.

Durability is also a major concern when targeting some of the strongest fish in the water and the Tylure Kicker Shad is built with that in mind. Stainless steel components, urethane construction, primer coating and a super tough clear coating process all combine to ensure maximum durability - strike after strike. All Kicker Series baits also come equipped with a "hook slot tube" to hold the ultra sharp Owner Treble Hook up against the body of the bait. This allows for better hooksets, as well as, a more realistic presentation (because the hook isn't dangling below the bait). Once a fish is on - the "slot tube" will come free so that the fish can't use the weight of the hook to throw the lure.

TyLure Kicker Shad Length Weight Hooks
Floating/Sinking 5" 1.5oz Owner

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