Extremely realistic with hand-painted detailing and a life-like profile, the Tylure Kicker Sunfish accurately mimics a live Sunfish. The bait's incredibly flexible two-joint system allows for free movement in the water and facilitates the bait's enticing swimming motion. Also, anglers can fish every Tylure Kicker Sunfish right out of the package because each one has been tank-tested and hand-tuned to ensure they swim properly before they leave the Tylure facilities.

Durability is also a major concern when targeting some of the strongest fish in the water, and the Tylure Kicker Sunfish is built with that in mind. Stainless steel components, urethane construction, primer coating and a super tough clear coating process all combine to ensure maximum durability - strike after strike. All Kicker Series baits also come equipped with a "hook slot tube" to hold the ultra sharp Owner Treble Hook up against the body of the bait. This allows for better hooksets, as well as, a more realistic presentation (because the hook isn't dangling below the bait). Once a fish is on - the "slot tube" will come free so that the fish can't use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. Designed to provide anglers with the highest quality lures on the water, every Tylure Kicker Sunfish is completely hand made one-at-a-time to ensure maximum quality and performance.

TyLure Length Weight Hooks Sink Rate
Kicker Sunfish - Float 4.5" 1.5oz Owner 0 ft/sec
Kicker Sunfish - Slow Sink 4.5" 1.5oz Owner 0.5 ft/sec

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this lure looks awesome online and i was super stoked to get it, i bought the slow sink version. i received mine and it kinda looked like a 3 year old painted some of it. the worst part was the slow sink i ordered? was actually a floater. i bought the slow sink and the package it came in even said slow sink. my overall opinion is that the lure looks good. but with all the troubles i had not worth no 25 dollars.

From: Taylor: MI 10/21/14

Comments: So, I love the way this bait swims and looks. Realistic details in the paint and swimming action. But it didnt take my long to break on me. The rubber piece of the bottom that holds the hook in place came right off on probably my 4th or 5th cast. I gorilla-glued it back on and it works fine but that shouldn't happen for 25$

From: Nate: USA 4/6/14

Comments: For the money you can't beat it. Has good swimming action on it. Draw back is that the small side fins fall after wear and tear but does not affect the swimming action at all. And hook moves too freely. Can fixed bye using small rubberband to secure.

From: Ryan: CA

Comments: Easily the best swimming panfish swimbait out there. Looks the most lifelike and built to last. The hooks are super sharp and caught two fish and super big too. 

From: David: Sylmar, Ca

Comments: The side fins are easy to get loose and then come off and lost in the lake. One bad thing about this bait is they are not stable and easy to flap to one side when retrived back at any speed...

From: Yufeng: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Comments: This bait is hands down the best bluegill swimbait out there. I have thrown them all and this one gets bit where others don't. I weighed 26 lbs. in my last tourney on these, wish tacklwarehouse carried all the colors. Get one or two you will whack 'em no doubt.

From: Danny: CA

Comments: might not be the most lifelike swimbait out there but I have A LOT of swimbaits and hands down these are some of the best built,tough like a tank,swim lifelike,quality resin and composite.and all this for $25,I'm not compairing these to my ragos,jsj,vagabonds,fisharrows or many of my jdm swimbaits.but these deff. Are a great bait and will last.I love mine and have caught several memory maker fish off them.if you go on the tylure website they have a lot more colors,my fav. Colors are female gill,crappie and the perch.

From: Steve: USA

Comments: Got my bait, detail is sub-par. Action was good, but the bait had a very bad habit of rolling on it's side because the dorsal fin, on the second joint, was set crooked. Returned with disappointment.

From: Max: C. Cal

Comments: buy it one of the best baits you can get worth alot more than $25

From: San: Mass

Comments: I LOVE THESE BAITS..they look decent but the quality in these is top notch, they swim PERFECT!!! and are a great size for all the biggins. all that for only $25, cant go wrong. i have every color of these cept for the tilapia.the male gill, crappie and perch are my top producers. to me these baits are worth far more then what they go for and they last hit after hit season after season. still havent had to tune a single one or make minor repairs to mine yet.cant say that about other swimbaits just like these that are $50. ill trade anyone my mattslures anyday for some more of these. keep up the awesome baits tyler!!!

From: Sam: Orland Park, IL

Comments:Best bed bait out there! My biggest fish this spring was 13.2 lbs. on the pumpkineed. It's caught me lots of fish so far and holds up very well. Swims good too. I have a few and I suggest them.

From:Tom: Simi Valley, CA

Comments:One of the badest bluegills out there. My first time out I caught 11 smallies on it, all of them were two and three pound smallie and one four pound largie. I was blowen away then I took it to my home lake Castaic. The bluegill bite was on at the lagoon, so I went and tried it down there and sure enough I started catching largies. I love Tylures! My biggest at Castaic is a 5 pounder but the smallies love it the most, give a try they work.

From:Mieger: Castaic, CA

Comments:Pictures of the paint schemes don't do the baits justice, you have to see them to appreciate em'!!! Very well built baits (have 4 & 2 8" kicker trouts, 1 6" kicker trout, 1 bluegill male).

From:Peter: San Marcos, CA

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