Perfect for enticing bedding bass, the Tylure Kicker Sunfish Bed Bait features a weighted nose so it can be worked in a head down feeding motion. It also has the hooks on the top of the bait for better hooksets and less fouling.

Completely handmade from start to finish, the Tylure Kicker Sunfish Bed Bait provides anglers with highest quality lures on the water. Each bait is tank tested and additionally hand tuned to ensure it is free of defects and swims properly right out of the box. Extremely life-like, the Tylure Kicker Sunfish Bed Bait features very realistic finishes, including hand painted coloring and even 3D eyes. The bait's flexible double joint system also allow for a wide range of motion in the water, creating maximum life-like action. Durability is also an important factor when targeting some of the strongest fish in the water and Tylure designed the Kicker Sunfish Bed Bait to be on of the most durable baits on the market. Stainless steel components, urethane construction, primer coating and a super tough clear coating process ensure the bait can withstand a multitude of violent strikes and plenty of bass abuse.

TyLure Kicker Sunfish Length Weight Hooks
Bed Bait 4.5" 1.5oz Owner

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I order two kicker sunfish. One of them a floater and the other this bed bait. I got them in today and i thought they looked awesome. Except for the fact that the hooks didnt seem to be set correctly on the bed bait. One of the hooks was set too low and pervented full range of motion of the tail to one side, while allowing full range of motion to the other side. At this point i immedately knew the bait would not swim true. So i took them both out the a lake to test them. As expected the bed bait swam horribly, it swim on its side. Very aggravating because now i have to ship it back to TW. The floating kicker sunfish doesnt float, its a slow sink. I though it might of been a mix up at tacklewarehouse. But it was not, on the bottom of the lure its marked as a floater. Even though its not what i wanted, i will keep the slow sink. It has amazing swimming action and darts side to side very well. And i love the little pectoral fins, gives it a more 3d look than other sunfish hard swimbaits.

From: T.J.: LA

Comments: very pleased when i got this bait. then paint job is fanominal. great bait definately recommended.very realistic.

From: Devin: CA

Comments: Great Bait, worth every penny! Catches me a lot of fish!

From: Arizona

Comments: These are great baits, i just wish tylures made them in a 3.5" or 3" version. but still these are a top quality bait that will get you big bites and big fish. the time went into these to make sure they last and are durable like a tank. sure the paint jobs could be more realistic but for the price i won't complain. if u want buy this lure for $25 and find yourself a swimbait builder on the net or from a fishing club and have him blast it with a custom paint job to look more realistic and youll have one of them life like $55 hardgills for half the price.

From: Sam: Orland Park, IL

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