Tylure Soft Glide 8" - $39.99

Crafted individually and by hand, the single-jointed Tylures Soft Glide 8” produces a super-smooth "S-shaped" swimming action that big bass love. Keep it on the surface with a steady retrieve or count it down and let it sink slowly to the desired depth, the durable jointing on the Tylures Soft Glide 8” allows it to carve through the water with a mesmerizing action.

Incredibly realistic, the Tylures Soft Glide features a lifelike profile complete with tail, pelvic, and pectoral fins all made from a soft, rubber material. Its protective rubber finish also gives it a realistic texture that stands up to abuse from big bass. Constructed using only the highest quality components, the Tylures Soft Glide 8” is built with premium split rings, razor-sharp treble hooks, and top-notch hook hangers. Complete with an amazing paint job, the Tylures Soft Glide 8” has a look, feel, and action that anglers and bass will both enjoy.

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Soft Glide 8" 3-1/3oz Slow-sinking

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: This lure sucks! I got one at bass-a-thon and the coating is peeling off already and I got this 11/13 so in 4 months its ruined! I was warned that is sucked and gave it a chance don't make a mistake. Get a huddleston that actually can do work and save your money!

From: Jorge: East County, CA 3/29/14

Comments: Quickly becoming my go to glide bait. Well worth $40.

From: Craig: Atl, GA

Comments: Just picked one up and must say I was impressed with the concept of a soft coating on a hard bait. Took it out earlier today and was even more impressed with the action. Plus it provided two good size bass on its first outing and didn't get damaged at all. Will pick up a few more before my next outing. Good price compared to the other glide baits out there.

From: Charlie: Burbank,CA

Comments: Bought the  Rainbow Light Green Back. Took it out 11/2/13.. This Lure plain sucks. Looks Cheaply made. Its a slow sinker but didnt sink 1 bit. I wouldnt take this lure if they tried to give me one for free. Def not worth $40 dont waste your time/money. They were biting different types of swimbaits today. just not this one.

From: Big: hayward ca

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Tylure Soft Glide 8

3 Available Colors

  • Hitch
    Size Stock Qty
    Slow Sinking 04/20
  • Largemouth Bass
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    Slow Sinking 04/20
  • Rainbow Light Green Back
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    Slow Sinking 04/20