Typhoon Optics Aloha Sunglasses - $74.99 to $89.99

Featuring a big profile straight from the Big Island, the Typhoon Optics Aloha Sunglasses are designed with broad temples  and feature Typhoon’s Aqua View technology. Delivering 100% UV protection, the advanced polarization deflects harmful reflections and grants anglers a sub-surface view. The nylon composition of the Typhoon Optics Aloha Sunglasses resists perspiration and is durable enough to handle the most extreme conditions. Typhoon Optics fills a much-needed niche in the fishing industry, quality sunglasses at an affordable price, and the Aloha Sunglasses are just that.  

Typhoon Optics Lifetime Warranty

Also Included:

-Floating Optics Case
-Microfiber drawstring bag (doubles as cleaning cloth)

Frame Size - Large

Aqua View Hydrophobic Lenses - Typhoon’s Aqua View Hydrophobic Lenses offer a few distinct advantages. The moisture repellent layer prevents water, rain, and fog from forming, and also creates an ultra smooth, hard surface that rebuffs skin oil, finger smudges and lotions. Engineered to interrupt electric charges as well, anti-static attributes even prevent particles from settling on the lens surface.


Sunset Brown - Excellent for variable light days and small bodies of water. Increases visual definition in low light and filters out all hazardous glare. 12% visible light transmission.

Horizon Grey - Perfect for bright, sunny days and large bodies of water. Softens intense light and filters out all hazardous glare. 12% visible light transmission.

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Typhoon Optics Aloha Sunglasses

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  • Brown Stripe/AV Sunset Brown
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  • Matte Black/AV Horizon Grey
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  • Matte Black/AV Meridian Blue
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Comments: Lost my first pair (my bad) and with all the other options out there, bought another pair of these puppies. Great shades at a great price. Just don't lose em, that kinda sucks.

From: Jay6: USA 5/22/15

Comments: I bought these, to try and save a little money over the oakley's or costa del mar's. I am brutal and lose a pair every year. I am very happy with them. Lens are great, but don't have the curvature at the $300 plus ones do, so they don't fit as stung. Great value for the money.

From: Steve: Kingston, Ontario 6/25/14

Comments: Price=RAD. Looks+Rad. This model is great if you have a big head. I do. Lenses are tough. Comes with a bag and a cool case, too. Thumbs WAY up, broseff.

From: Meatwad: not Idaho.

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