The super sleek, streamlined design and ergonomic shaping of the Typhoon Optics Catamaran Sunglasses make them an excellent choice for all-day use with an unobstructed view. The Typhoon Optics Catamaran Sunglasses feature an adjustable hypo-allergenic rubber nose and temple pads that allow for extended wear that won't cause irritation. The rimless frame design is hand-finished with rugged TR90 Nylon and accommodates Typhoons 100% polarized AquaView Hydrophobic lenses. Offering a sporty look and durable performance at a reasonable price point, the Typhoon Optics Catamaran Sunglasses are perfect for those long sunny summer days on the water.

Typhoon Optics Lifetime Warranty

Also Included:

-Floating Optics Case
-Microfiber drawstring bag (doubles as cleaning cloth)

Frame size - Medium/Large

Aqua View Hydrophobic Lenses - Typhoon’s Aqua View Hydrophobic Lenses offer a few distinct advantages. The moisture repellent layer prevents water, rain, and fog from forming, and also creates an ultra smooth, hard surface that rebuffs skin oil, finger smudges and lotions. Engineered to interrupt electric charges as well, anti-static attributes even prevent particles from settling on the lens surface.

Lens Colors:

Sunset Brown - Excellent for variable light days and small bodies of water. Increases visual definition in low light and filters out all hazardous glare. 12% visible light transmission.

Horizon Grey - Perfect for bright, sunny days and large bodies of water. Softens intense light and filters out all hazardous glare. 12% visible light transmission.

Meridian Blue - Perfect for activities on open water. Delivers high visual definition. Ideal for intense sunlight. 10% visible light transmission.

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: good lenses, junk frames. After four months of use, I was looking in my tackle for something and suddenly one of the arms of the glasses just suddenly snapped off. I did not even touch them, I was just wearing them. I crazy glued them together for a temporary fix and it seemed to work fairly well. A few days later in mid cast, the other arm suddenly snapped off, and the glasses fell in the lake. I was left with a broken sunglass arm and an $80 dent in my wallet. I took pretty good care of them until this happened. They where never dropped, had no scratches, and where kept in the bag in a sunglass case. I noticed that the frames seemed to be cracking from sweat. Cheapest plastic frames I've seen yet!

From: Jerry: IL 1/27/15

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