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The closest thing you can get to live bait, the Uncle Josh's Pork Meat CrawFrog is extremely buoyant with a fat, fleshy body and two especially long curly tail legs that ripple and wiggle. Perfect for slowing any lure’s descent, the CrawFrog has been proven to entice fish across the Country.

Uncle Josh's Meat is a totally new type of pork bait. Made from the fat without the hide (or rind) attached, Uncle Josh's Meat is easy to put on and take off the hook with an unbelievable lifelike action and natural texture. All of Uncle Josh's Meat is impregnated with genuine live-bait scent so they look, act, smell, and taste like the real thing. The legendary durability of natural pork also means that each bait will catch multiple fish - and they’re 100% biodegradable.

Uncle Josh's Meat - I can't believe it's not live bait!

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