Uptons UC Worm 10" 8pk

Uptons UC Worm 10

The Uptons UC Worm is another king-size worm from Josh Upton and Upton's Custom Baits. Hand-poured for unmatched quality, colors and action, the UC Worm features a spade-tail design that helps it move a little more water and garner more attention. A great choice for night fishing or low light conditions, it's always a good choice for attracting bigger bites. Tried and proven in the pressured, gin-clear waters of Southern California, the Uptons UC Worm is available in a range of unbelievable colors.

Length Quantity
10" 8

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Great baits. Like the reviewer before said. Colors will look nothing like the pics. This is because the top layer of the pour is translucent allowing the mid layer color which is darker to show through. If you hold up to a light you can see the resemblance to the pics. I think the stock images were taken with a flash and under bright conditions. Maybe even taken with light shinning through them. This gives them a much lighter appearance in the pics and shows off their colors. In reality The baits are much darker to the eye unless held up to a light source. I would compare these to roboworm with the multi layer pours and salt. Just bigger of course.Very high quality baits which I will continue to purchase.

From: Zeth: Oakland, CA 9/25/14

Comments: The color of Aarons Tragic looks nothing like the picture. Still a very good quality worm and has good action. Definitely a big fish bait.

From: Clif: Canton, GA

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