VMC 4X Strong Spark Point Treble Hook 4pk

VMC 4X Strong Spark Point Treble Hook 4pk

The VMC 4X Spark Point Treble Hooks feature VMC’s groundbreaking Spark Point technology.  Hardened by a die forging process after being chemically sharpened, the Spark Points retain their sharpness much longer than comparable hook points.  Front and back ribs around the point also guarantee rigidity while “energy channels” increase the speed of penetration - resulting in extremely efficient and effective hooking power.  A 30-degree inline ring also ensures better swimming action from your lure, and the VMC 4X Strike Point Trebles Hooks are 4X-strong to resist any bending or flexing.

4 per pack

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I use the #6 on all my small crank baits.  Wiggle Wart, #7 Shad Rap, Bomber 6A, Bomber Flat A, 1/2 and 1/4 OZ Rattle Traps.  The hook is sharp, strong and worth every cent.

From: Dan: Cary, NC

Comments: Very strong hook, I use them to rig some of my larger swimbaits and they never bend or break. I would recommend these to anyone.

From: Luke

Comments: Incredibly surprised

From: Matt: USA

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