VMC Sureset 1X Strong Treble Hook 4pk

VMC Sureset 1X Strong Treble Hook 4pk
Featuring the award winning 2004 ICAST "Best of Show" SureSet design, the VMC SureSet 1X Strong Treble Hook was created by professional bass angler and crankbait master, David Fritts. The SureSet design in conjunction with the Inline eye, allows your lure and hook to track straighter, while also increasing hook up rates on short strikes and brushes. Forged from Vanadium Steel - the same material used for hard wearing Formula-1 engine parts - the super strong and lightweight hooks offer up to 25% increased strength over normal hook materials. Also featuring Cone Cut Points for excellent penetration, the VMC SureSet 1X Strong Treble Hooks deliver proven, innovative performance.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are very strong hooks; I have never had any trouble using them and have caught over 250 bass.  I have them on 15 separate plugs and they work great.

From: Richard: Fort Plain, NY 1/16/17

Comments: When fishing for largemouth bass, I change out all treble tail hooks on my crankbaits with VMC Sureset 1x Strong Treble Hooks (except, of course, for any Rapalas that come with the hook already installed). Since I fish very weedy waters, I go with the same size treble to keep snags to a minimum and make ripping easier.  The number of bass I catch on the in-line, extra large hook justifies the trouble and expense. The only time I have had a hook bend out is when I am pulling a crankbait from submerged wood on heavy line, and in that event I am happy to get my lure back.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ

Comments:Do not buy this hook, but instead buy the 4x strong vmc sureset. The sureset 1X hook is very weak.


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