Cliff Pace recently took home the victory at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake, beating a field of the world’s best bass anglers. He relied on several baits during the course of competition, including the V&M Football Jig paired with a V&M Twin Tail Grub, as well as, the Jackall Soul Shad, Jackall Squad Minnow, and the Jackall DD Crankbait 55. For his gear Cliff Pace relied on Shimano Rods & Reels with Hi-SEAS Line

V&M Football Jigs are the ultimate deepwater, big-bass jigs! A wide football shaped head gives the jig a superior feel and helps the jig stand up and tantalize on the bottom. The V&M Football Jig offers a flat eye line tie to keep the line, knot and jig in the proper position. The V&M Football Jig is backed with an extra-sharp Gamakatsu round bend hook to promote true hook sets. Featuring durable powder-coated paint jobs and color coordinated weedguards, the V&M Football Jigs sport silicone skirts that produce a lifelike look and action.

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