The V & M Hula Bug combines the prominent features of several proven baits to create a deadly presentation all its own. Its beaver-style body provides easy rigging and a beefy but streamlined profile perfect for penetrating cover. It also features the tail tentacles of a tube, as well as, small craw-like appendages for additional fish attracting action. Available in several colors, throw the V & M Hula Bug out there and hold on.

Length Quantity
4" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: These are great punch baits.  Gives them a little different look with the tube tail. But don't use them because then I won't be the only one pitching and punching through the grass mats.  Give them a shot, you just might like them.

From: Will: Long Beach CA USA

Comments: These look exactly like something Bass Pro sells under their own label. I have used their version and had good results. This cross between a beaver and tube tail has good stability (reduces line twist)which allows it to glide along as you hop it. I throw it on a 4/0 Trokar swimbait hook with 1/8oz. bullet. It gives them something a little different to check over.

From: Ed: Champaign, IL.

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