Packed with the perfect balance of salt and scent, the V&M Kickin Shad Swimbait delivers a hard-thumping action that mimics a variety of baitfish including shad, shiner, and bream.  Built with a streamlined profile, the V&M Kickin Shad Swimbait features a meaty front-end and a deep belly hook slot that allows for easy, weedless rigging. To give the paddle tail a well-defined kicking action, the backside of the V & M Kicking Shad Swimbait is slightly segmented and tapered. Offered in a number of fish-catching colors, the V&M Kickin Shad Swimbait has been tested and proven by a number of V&M pro-staffers to put big fish in the boat. 

Length Quantity
5"  10

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I fish 3 to 4 days a week. These swim baits are fish catchers. Doctor up the tails in boiling water, as goes with any swim bait. Great colors and great hook slot on belly of bait. A must have in the boat.

From: Billy: Lakeland, FL 4/8/14

Comments: The tail motion of this bait is much better than most I've used over the years and the colors are much more consistent.

From: Devin: Fort Worth, TX

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