Swimming jigs has become a widely known "secret" on the pro tour and among knowledgeable anglers everywhere. Instead of fishing the jig on the bottom, these V&M Cyclone Swim Jigs are designed to be retrieved through the middle of the water column. Put a matching trailer on the V&M Swim Jig and throw it around brush, pads, grass, and other cover much like you would a spinnerbait. The ample weedguards will protect the light jigs from hanging every twig you contact, while the natural, flowing skirt of these V&M Swim Jigs will entice strikes. Each swim jig comes equipped with a Gamakatsu hook. Give this exciting technique a try, you'll be amazed at the cover you can fish with a swim.

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Comments: This is an awesome swim jig, used it last weekend in a tournament got 5th place caught over 20 keepers with it.

From: Mark: Concord, CA

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