Designed for use in and around heavy cover, the V & M Delta Bug is great for getting bass to bite that are buried underneath heavy vegetation or isolated timber. Made from a super soft, pliable plastic, the V & M Delta Bug features four lively appendages that go wild with flailing action. The bulky, ribbed body makes it a great jig trailer when you’re looking for a larger crawfish presentation, and it's also “super-scented” for an added dimension of attraction. Whether you’re punching through mats or flipping reeds, the V & M Delta Bug will have big bass begging for a taste. 

Length Quantity
4.5" 8

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: You'll get bit with this bait, bass love them. The only thing I don't like about them is that they aren't very durable, they split down the middle to easy. One or two bites and they are torn up.

From: Wayne: Casey, IL 7/2/16

Comments: All i can say about this bait is awesome! Although I do not use this bait for punching/flipping (because i fish in ponds) i am able to very successfully fish this bait on the bottom and it is just a killer! If you are fishing anywhere that has a clean enough bottom like mud use this bait. This bait has phenomenal action. The profile of the bait along with all the appendages just drives any bigger bass crazy. Ive had bass hit it several times or jump out the water to eat it. Ive caught WAY more big fish than little fish. This is a big fish bait and coming from somebody who fishes ponds catching more 2lb+ fish than little ones is something. I caught my largest bass ever a 5lber on this bait. So main points are this thing has great action, scent, profile, durability is better than the other successful baits i use, and catches big bass. Strongly recommend. As for color the pond i fish in has like 6 inch visiblity so i use black and blue but if the water is clearer with 1-2ft or more visibility i use the green pumpkin. If you are in a lake the natural craw would work great as well.

From: Ryan: Chicago, IL 7/13/15

Comments: awesome punch bait! It has a big yet slender profile, it slips in and out of cover very well and it doesn't have to much action, the adapendges and tentacles quiver the perfect amount, very impressed and well be purchasing more.

From: Jack: Tallahassee, FL 12/28/14

Comments: All I can say is WOW!!  Soft, great tentacle motion, and reusable unlike most other bait company's.  Great big bass bait!!!

From: Stephen: OKC, OK

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