Swimming jigs has become a widely known "secret" on the pro tour and among knowledgeable anglers everywhere. Instead of fishing the jig on the bottom, these V&M Cyclone Swim Jigs are designed to be retrieved through the middle of the water column. Put a matching trailer on the V&M Swim Jig and throw it around brush, pads, grass, and other cover much like you would a spinnerbait. The ample weedguards will protect the light jigs from hanging every twig you contact, while the natural flowing Living Image skirt of these V&M Swim Jigs will entice strikes. Each swim jig comes equipped with a Gamakatsu hook. Give this exciting technique a try, you'll be amazed at the cover you can fish with a swim.

The Living Image Skirting material are the latest advancement in skirt technology. Traditional multi colored skirt material is really just one color, while the Living Image skirts have alternating colors with three color combinations. All Living Image Skirting material are made from 100% silicone, providing great pulsating action and presentation.

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