The versatile Vagabond Airbait Slim Worm is a perfect offering when bass have a case of lock-jaw. It delivers a nose down, tail up presentation that even the wariest bass find hard to resist thanks to its proprietary “Vagabond Air Ribs” and buoyant soft plastic composition. The Air Ribs, which span the length of its body, actually trap air between the body and the ribs and cause the worm to float up off the bottom when at rest. The Air Ribs also slow the worm’s rate of fall and help give it a subtle, finesse action that gets finicky fish to feed. While there are other worms that exhibit some of these floating characteristics, none do it quite as naturally as the Vagabond Airbait Slim Worm. A great choice on a shakey head, drop shot, split shot, or other finesse presentation, the Vagabond Air Bait Slim Worm may be small but it definitely packs a punch.

Length Quantity
7.7" 5
4.5" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought some of these for 2012.  Wished I bought more.  Irresistible to all kinds of fish when Neko-rigged.  Visited a small creek that I know have a few smallmouth bass swimming around.  They wouldn't bite on spinners and tubes.  They would occasionally hit swim jigs and grubs.  As soon has I tied on the Airbait worm and neko-rigged it working along the bottom, smallmouth came out of every crack and crevice to hit those worms and clobbered 'em.  I ran out of Airbait worms that day.  Went home and directly to my computer to order more!

From:  Thor, MN

Comments: Ok i know you hear a lot of reviews that say a certain lure works but on my mother's grave i swear to you these worms are killer baits. I use the 4.5 and it's the best finesse bait I've ever used, and believe me I got boxes full of stuff I've tried. Look no further for an awesome finesse worm. Scupernong is the one that works best for me on the stained pond i fish. try them, you will not be disappointed.

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ

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