The Vagabond Airhawg is a versatile craw-style bait that has already made a name for itself on the Japanese tournament trail. The Vagabond Air Ribs located on the antennas and body of the Airhawg help slow its rate of fall, and maximize its time in the strike zone. Super soft as well, its lifelike appendages come to life with the slightest movement or current. Offered in range of highly detailed colors, the Vagabond Airhawg makes an excellent jig trailer and is also a great choice on a Carolina- or Texas-rig. Hard to find in the US, the Vagabond Air Baithawg is a treasure among anglers and a delicacy to bass. 

Length Quantity
3.8" 6

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: At over $1each no thanks!! Make it a pack of 10-12 and you'll have a fair deal..

From: Mike

Comments: This bait is one of the best jig trailers I have ever fished. Both the claws and the antennas float making the jig look very lifelike. This trailer gets me more bites especially when the fish are finicky.

From: Mike: Southern California

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