A marriage of ingenious design and craftsmanship, the Vagabond BKN70 Lipless Crankbait is a great way to cover a lot of water in a hurry. Designed with a fatter profile and a strategically placed belly weight, the Vagabond BKN70’s low center of gravity allows it to be retrieved at variable speeds and still remain balanced. As water passes over the flat head of the Vagabond BKN70, it causes the bait to vibrate, dispersing an underwater clamor that awakens and alerts bass.  Offered in a number of unequaled colors and equipped with Vagabond’s “live eye,” the Vagabond BKN70 is as lethal as it is detailed. 

Vagabond Length Weight
BKN-70 2-3/4"  0.64oz

Treble Hooks

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: I always have a trap tied on. I scooped one of these and have been testing it out. WOW! It goes over cover like a dream. Its a 1-knocker style rattle in there, too. Casts a mile. PIMP.

From: Jay6: USA

Comments: Best lipless crank on the market, in my opinion. Have tried many styles and brands of lipless cranks but this one always produces. Carried out a comparison test with a friend and myself for several weeks of fishing in different waters and it was astounding what a difference there was. These always came out on top as the best producers. Can't say I have an exact explanation but the proof is in the results. Hard to get past the price until I found them so effective.

From: Malcolm: Kennesaw,Ga. USA

Comments: very unique lure. yoyo or burn it this bait it killer. also it has a subtle 1 knocker instead of rattle.

From: James: CA

Comments: This is by far one of my favorite traps.  It is not flat like a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap, the belly is fat and wide.  It has great action and I caught a boat load on these things last year.  Pricy, but worth it.

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

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