The Vagabond Bush-Z Hollow Bodied Frog delivers a brilliant walk-the-dog action with the help of its unique single-tail design. When working over matted vegetation and grass, the single-tail allows the Vagabond Bush-Z Hollow Bodied Frog to pivot for a more exaggerated, zig-zagging action. Complete with a super-sharp double frog hook, the Vagabond Bush-Z Hollow Bodied Frog easily collapses to make the most out of every single strike. Additionally, the Vagabond Bush-Z Hollow Bodied Frog also features an added eyelet in-between the fork of the double frog hook, so anglers can attach a spinner-blade for an extra element of attraction.  Available in a variety of detailed amphibian colors, the Vagabond Bush-Z Hollow Bodied Frog is a full-fledged fish-catching machine.  

Length Weight
2-1/2" 1/2oz

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Do Not Buy! This frog sinks as soon as you stop moving it.

From: Matt: IL

Comments: Not a bad frog... other than the sinking factor, 3 cast's in and just wouldn't stay up. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

From: Slob Slayer: canton,geogia

Comments: Size, castability, hooks, attention to detail, all are great. But it sinks like a rock! Made no more than 10 casts with it and said forget it. Not sure if I got a dud or what. Will be sending back to TW.

From: Tom: Falls Church, VA

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