Vike Tungsten Nail Weight - $3.99

Ideal for adding a little weight to your soft plastic baits, the Vike Tungsten Nail Weights allow you to easily fine tune or alter your presentations.  Since tungsten is much denser than lead, the Vike Tungsten Nail Weights are more compact and less cumbersome than their lead counterparts. Delivering high quality tungsten performance at a great price, the Vike Tungsten Nail Weights are available in multiple sizes - and they are also 100% environmentally friendly.   

1/32oz - 15 per pack
1/16oz - 10 per pack
3/32oz - 8 per pack

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Vike Tungsten Nail Weight

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Vike Tungsten Nail Weight 1/32 15pk $3.99
Vike Tungsten Nail Weight 1/16 10pk $3.99
Vike Tungsten Nail Weight 3/32 8pk $3.99

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Comments: These are a great value at almost half the price of every other brand.  Good luck trying to find the 3/32oz because I bought them all LOL!

From: MaxZmus: San Diego, CA

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