Without a doubt the world's most innovative new buzzbait available today. The Vision Honey Buzz lure is jammed full of features that solve those age old problems of traditional buzzbaits. Revolutionary features like Vision's patented hinged hook that provides the highest hook-up to catch ratio. The Vision Honey Buzz bait provides amazing stabilization so your bait runs straight and true. The Honey Buzz offers a flexible two tier weighting system that takes all the leverage away and makes the bait virtually impossible for the fish to shake. A jointed hook system that kicks up when going over limbs and logs, making the Vision Buzz one of most snag free lures in buzzbait history.

A heavy duty wire frame allows you to quickly adjust up for a squeak and squeal, or down to create the loudest clacking ever heard from a buzzbait. The Honey Buzz also implements a modernistic steel head, and innovative new blade guard that helps keep grass off and your blade turning free. The Vision Honey Buzz also provides the ultimate skirt and a sharp Long Shank Mustad hook.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I love the versatility of this bait, and it darn sure draws a lot of strikes.  My strike to hook-up ratio is terrible.  Don't like to use trailer hooks unless in tournaments due to fish injury.  Anybody else having the same problem?

From: Eddie: Midland, TX

Comments: I've caught a few on this bait but would have liked a bulkier rubber skirt. Also, the lake I fish is very weedy and the hinged hook picks up more weeds than my other buzzbaits. I don't love it, but it has a place in my tackle box.

From: Bruce: NJ

Comments: Simply the best!  Caught my PB on this bait also.  This is probably the only lure category that I don't even look at the other brands.

From: Scott: San Antonio, TX

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