Vok Fishing Flasher Minnow

Vok Fishing Flasher Minnow

Perfect for dropshots and splitshots, the Vok Fishing Flasher Minnow tempts minnow-hungry bass with its true-to-life details and lively tail action. The Vok  Fishing Flasher Minnow features 3D eyes, intricate scaling, and a foil insert that produces an attention-grabbing flash. To further its attraction, the Vok Fishing Flasher Minnow wiggles and shakes with an energetic tail action that responds to every movement of the rod tip. Offered in a number of fish-catching colors, the Vok Fishing Flasher Minnow will have bass everywhere begging for a taste of its lifelike profile and wriggling backside. 

Length Quantity
3"  7
4" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I used the flasher minnow this past fall and had amazing success with it.  I used two different colors primarily and the fish couldn't get enough of either one. The soft body and tail had great action in the water, which for this type of bait is very important.  I couldn't be happier after purchasing this bait. Great design, functionality and best of all, it caught lots of fish for me

From: Dusan: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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