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Wacky rigging can get expensive. It seems like with every bite, your bait pays the price, and you end up going back to the bag for another, and another, and another ...

That is, until the Wacky Saddle. Even better than your standard o-rings for wacky rigging Senko’s, various stick baits, and even smaller worms, the Wacky Saddle features a unique design that easily and securely holds your wacky rigged baits, while also providing a designated hook slot to rig your hook perpendicular to the worm. This translates into a killer wacky rig presentation, a higher hook up ratio, and fewer baits getting torn apart. You don’t know what you're missing, and how much money you're wasting until you try the Wacky Saddle Kit.


-25 - Large Senko-size Wacky Saddle O-Rings
-25 - Small Worm-size Wacky Saddle O-Rings
-Large Applicator
-Small Applicator
-Full Rigging Instructions

Wacky Saddle Replacement O-Rings

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I received the kit today and it's going back on the same day because product is a total flaw. First, the thick rubber shown in the picture where the hook comes out is not there. It's just a flat piece with a hole for the hook to come out of. Second, the tubes that came with the kit are too big for the o rings provided. Even when lubricated, the rings would not go past a certain point in the tube. Overall, it's a good idea, but poorly executed, both in terms of design and manufacture. Save yourself the trouble and order the regular kind with the aluminum tube.

From: Luis: Louisa, VA 4/25/14

Comments: When it comes to handy fishing gadgets, this one takes the cake b/c im a fishing gadget nut when it comes to stuff like this. This product surely beats having an O ring pointing the hook in an unregulated direction when wacky rigging. Personally, ive caught a small chunk of a Largie with this product. Sadly, i havent found a smaller senko to fit the smaller ringed wacky saddle that comes with the kit, also it only comes in one color (black) so if your looking for multi-colored rings/saddles you may have to get creative with your inner child and finger paint some up OR use very dark colors to hide the saddle into the senko like i did (i used GY 4" blk blue gill with gold flake with the wacky saddle)to bad we cant post pics with our reviews of proof that the wacky saddle works.

From: Robert: Southern Okanagan, BC, Canada

Comments: great product I was personaly dissapointed the large tube wouldnt fit a 7inch senko though. Its great for all other sizes.

Comments: This is a great idea and solves the problem of crossing over o rings, which I never had the dexterity to do.

From: Bigpoppabass: Nashua, NH

Comments: To the previous comment, they come in 50 packs so how is losing one like losing 15 dollars, its actually only losing thirty cents...

From: Sam: USA

Comments: Good idea but get snagged and there goes 15 bucks.  These people that come up with 'innovations' or like i call it just thinking, need to price their products better.  I bet for 4 or 5 bucks they might make a killing on this apparatus.

From: Pat: San Jose, CA

Comments: These things work great!!  Keep the hook perpendicular to the worm, and results in a better hookup ratio.  Caught 30-something largemouth and smallmouth skipping senkos under docks up in Wisconsin without missing or losing a single fish.  These double rings also help avoid lost baits, but even though there are two rings, a bait can slip through occasionally.  A 1/2 drop of super glue on each ring takes care of that problem.  Caught about 15 fish on a single senko.

From: John: Campaign, IL

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