The Wake Fishing Jig Wobbler is an innovative hybrid lure with a totally unique swimming action. It features a wire line tie extending from its lifelike lead head that combined with its free-moving hard plastic body and hard plastic lip allows it to produce a very pronounced swimming and vibrating action. It also comes equipped with subtle rattles for additional fish attraction. A versatile bait that can attack the entire water column, the Wake Fishing Jig Wobbler sinks at a medium pace and can catch fish at almost any depth depending on your retrieve. Available in a variety of colors to best match the forage in your region, the Wake Fishing Jig Wobbler delivers the best attributes of a crankbait and a spoon to help you put more fish in the boat.

Wake Fishing Weight Length
JigWobbler 1/4oz 2"
JigWobbler 5/8oz 2-1/2"

*Length does not include wire.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I used this early this year, it has great wobble action and cast pretty good for small bait. It is great wobble action and you can fish it different ways, God bless and good fishing forever!

From: Alex: KS

Comments: picked up a few of these.they have a very unique action and seductive wobble.i love the action on these when they fall,kind if like a dying fish just dead darting towards the bottom or a fish fleeing super fast to get to cover below.the smallies in the pond by my house love these little lures,its something they havent seen so they tend to inhale them.try'em out.

From: Steve: Homer Glenn, IL

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