War Eagle Front Runner - $5.99

The War Eagle Front Runner provides another perspective to all topwater baits. Tie the floating War Eagle Front Runner 8 to 12 inches in front of a popper or spook type bait. This double bait combo moves in tandem when twitched and provides multiple offerings. It is common to hook multiple fish, especially during a feeding frenzy and schooling situation.

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Comments: What a "secret weapon" when fish are schooling, right before dark, or anytime the topwater 'bite' is ON! It's small and does NOT inhibit ur walking baits, poppers, or any topwater I've tried it with. I usually fish this with a Lucky Craft Gunfish or Chug'n'Spook...sometimes an IMA Big Stick if I'm looking for/seeing a big bite. A bait that "spits and walks" so-to-speak. I do not consider this a bait to use to "double-up" unless u want to catch mostly baitfish up-front. It's a "tool" and a tool that works when u know when to use it. I find myself having one tied on @ least 1 topwater rod @ all times just in case...i dont think it'd hardly ever "hurt". But,  In my state, in the heat of summertime (Massachusetts) the "right before/during sunset bite" is just INCREDIBLE as I'm sure it is many places but on my favorite dusk-pond there is literally splashing and water boiling everywhere...20-30 a second, everywhere u look. And it's caused by the flies. Mosquitos, dragon flies, etc. falling into the water and being out in ABUNDANCE. The large bass arent what's making the hundreds and hundreds of boils/water disturbances a minute...it's the bluegill, frogs, perch, white perch, baby bass, etc eating the bugs. It's a perfect food chain...and even the nats are getting eaten by shad and shad then eaten by the smaller fish...then the bass just crush the perch/bluegill/babybass/white perch/shad that have their guard down while feeding in open water. By running this War Eagle Front-Runner about 10-18" in front of your topwater lure, ur creating a perfect opportunity for a big bass. It looks just like a nice big baitfish following/splashing after a bug/dragonfly/small shad/bluegill...It seems to increase my bites on many nights by a LOT. I've been in the boat w/ my buddy w/ out a front runner outfishing him easily 2.5:1 and our buddies boat right next to us out fishing them 3-4:1...I'm not an exceptionally better fisherman than them and we were all using essentially the same bait. Although many may confuse this as a bait to "double-up" with, i do not consider it that at all. I see it much more as a topwater-enhancer... I do "double-up" sometimes but it is usually a smaller bass up front but there has been 4-5 times I've gotten 2 decent 2-3lbsers...and twice i've had a smallie up front and a largemouth in back. One time it was 2.5 lbs smb and a lmb in bak about the same. The best double up I've had was when I had gotten a NICE 3.35 lbs smallmouth on the front runner and a 4.1 lbs largemouth on a perch LC Gunfish. 7.5lbs of assorted bass on one cast- FUN! Not quite the fight you'd expect though, one usually just seems to lay and "take the trip" to the boat while the other fights as best he/she can. For under 5$ what u got to lose???

From: Tanner: Southeastern, MASS

Comments: Awesome addition for chasing after Fall schooling fish.  I catch doubles all the time using this in front a LC Gunfish or Spook Jr. As with all baits, it has a time and a place.  You just have to figure out that part of the puzzle for yourself.

From: David: KY

Comments: Alex, I put it in front of a Spook. The Spook dances left and the Front Runner dances right, or vice-versa. Plenty of action. It is a pain to cast though, so I generally donÕt want to deal with it.

From: Dale: Atlanta, GA

Comments: Kind of a weird lure... It doesn't have any action, and it doesn't work. If it does work out for you, tell me, because I have had no luck. I normally attach it in front of a Bill Dance Popper or Walker.

From: Alex: Cary, IL

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War Eagle Front Runner

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