War Eagle Front Runner

The War Eagle Front Runner provides another perspective to all topwater baits. Tie the floating War Eagle Front Runner 8 to 12 inches in front of a popper or spook type bait. This double bait combo moves in tandem when twitched and provides multiple offerings. It is common to hook multiple fish, especially during a feeding frenzy and schooling situation.

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    Model No. FR3-M
    Pearl Blue Shad
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    1" 5+
    1.5" 5+
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    Model No. FR1-M
    Smokey Shad
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    1.5" 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Excellent for runner in front of a white rubber grub for white bass. Often catch multiples & the bigger fish will be on the front runner.

From: Steve: Jefferson, TX 2/6/16

Comments: there's no reason this bait shouldn't be working for you. Yes it can be a pain when trying to store if on a rod, but during the various times of the year when fish are schooling I will always have one tied on in front of a spook or sammy. It's fun to hook up on a small fish and then have a 6 lber nail the other bait. A lot of times I'll have a fish hit the front runner and not the bait behind it. I throw mine on a 7' MH rod and usually 15 or 20 lb mono.

From: Chris: Raleigh, NC 12/22/14

Comments: I have had great success using these in front of a Chug Bug or super spook jr. I have had days when the bass would only hit the front runner and not the main bait. I find that it works well they are keying in on very small bait fish.

From: Jeff: Atlanta, GA 7/5/14

Comments: Awesome addition for chasing after Fall schooling fish.  I catch doubles all the time using this in front a LC Gunfish or Spook Jr. As with all baits, it has a time and a place.  You just have to figure out that part of the puzzle for yourself.

From: David: KY

Comments: I put it in front of a Spook. The Spook dances left and the Front Runner dances right, or vice-versa. Plenty of action. It is a pain to cast though, so I generally don't want to deal with it.

From: Dale: Atlanta, GA

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