War Eagle Swimbait Heads 3pk


The War Eagle Swimbait Heads feature super sharp Eagle Claw hooks that deliver rock solid hook sets even on long casts with a chandelier at the end of your line. A great choice for umbrella rig fishing, they work well any time you are fishing medium or large spinnerbaits. Also equipped with durable chip resistant coatings and molded-in double barbed bait keepers, the War Eagle Swimbait Heads are what you want "when you have to catch fish."

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War Eagle Swimbait Head White 3/16oz 3/0 $1.47 5+
War Eagle Swimbait Head White 3/16oz 4/0 $1.47 5+
War Eagle Swimbait Head White 1/4oz 5/0 $1.47 5+

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