The War Eagle Twin Spin Spinnerbaits will change ledge fishing forever. Fish them slow and you can’t go wrong. The Twin Spins’ football style head crawls over rocks and brush with ease and the dual Colorado blade configuration puts off a thumping that calls bass in. Balanced to perfection and ready to fish right out of the box, the Twin Spins also feature custom hand tied skirts, Mustad NeedlePoint Hooks, Sampo Swivels, and light piano wire for better vibration.  Made in America by avid bass anglers for avid bass anglers, the War Eagle Twin Spin Spinnerbaits are changing the face of spinnerbait fishing.

War Eagle Replacement Skirts

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Upon receiving my first one of these I was surprised at the size of the blades. For some reason they seemed smaller than I expected, but I think this ends up being a good thing. I really like the performance of this bait on several fronts. It is perfectly balanced and runs true at all times. The blades create lots of flash and vibration that I can feel in the rod. Depth control is better than any spinnerbait I've ever fished: It stays down without the annoying lift that many colorado spinnerbaits exude. You can fish the 3/4oz at any depth you want from sub-surface to way-down by simply changing your rod angle or giving it a little time to sink. I was able to fish perpendicular to depth contours while hugging the bottom simply by giving periodic pauses. It's a perfect deep-water slow-roller. I'll definitely be ordering more colors 

From: Brian: Oak Forest, IL 12/18/14

Comments: Great Lure! Right off the bat, I put a u-tail grub on as a trailer and POW! 3-pounder in the boat!!  great lure gonna be adding the rest to the tackle box very soon!!

From: Chase: Chattanooga, TN

Comments: page 2-- i have fished these new twin spin's now and they are great! i used a pork frog trailer and wore the bass out at san antonio lake. thier not shannon's but they are closer than any other twin spin i've ever used including the mc coy brand. i tied in  bucktail in place of the plastic skirt and it slow's the fall rate, which is a positive. i fished them with the plastic skirt as well, but i prefer the bucktail's and so did the bass. black or black and yellow are the best in the hair, any of the darker color's in plastic seem to bee good also. 

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:Here we go, another twin spin is out and about. This one look's more like the old shannon than the mc coy. I have not tried these yet, but I will very soon. The football head is something new as well. In and over rocks these should perform great. I wonder how long it will be before a shannon twin spin with the bucktail will come back? There is also a twin spin sold by the name gold nugget. It's primarily used with live bait fishing for walleye's. I have not used these and probably never will. I think the word is out about the twin spin's and how effective they are everywhere---

From:Wes: Salinas, CA

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