Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Head 2pk

Offering the same great design as the original Warbaits Slayer Jig Head - now with a larger, longer hook, the Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Slayer Head provides the ultimate rigging solution for your 6-to-12 inch swimbaits. Armed with a long shank 3X Owner hook, the Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Slayer Head increases strike-to-catch ratios by reducing the amount of plastic that fish have to eat before they taste metal. Also, to keep this humongous hook free of snags, the Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Slayer Head is fitted with a premium PerFlex weedguard.

Designed using a streamlined head shape, the Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Slayer Head is offered in a number of "match the hatch" colors and covered with an incredibly durable StonePro powder coating. Backed by a bigger, more lethal hook than ever before, the Warbaits Weedless 10/0 Slayer Head is the perfect match for the sizeable swimbaits that attract large, tournament winning bass. 

4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I've started using these 10/0 heads with anything that will fit them. I'm not sure what it is about the longer hook, but these don't seem to get hung up nearly as much even in very heavy saltwater kelp, rocks, etc. The longer hook seems to get a lot less short bites and really does fit most 6-9" swimbaits perfectly. As the other review mentioned, they're obviously not 100% weedless but for a swimbait leadhead with a weedguard they come about as close as I've used so far. The 1oz. size as ideal for a lot of applications, from a few feet deep to 40+. They swim very well on the fast retrieve as well which many weed guard style heads do not.

From: Andrew: USA 5/12/16

Comments: I was looking for something with a big hook (10/0 fits the bill), weedless, and that could handle big fish in heavy cover. I matched these with 6.5" and 9" Big Hammer tails and they were a good fit. Were they weedless? Well, not 100%, but anything short of a bare line is not 100% weedless - I will say that I could get 3 or 4 casts into heavy, flowing weed in a river system before I'd have to clear any weed off - the other guys I was fishing with were (not using Slayer Heads) clearing weeds off on almost every cast. Can they handle big fish? I'd say yes - I managed to land a 90-lb wels catfish on one in Spain this summer. When I snagged up (or was tussling with other wels cats in the 20 - 40 lb range), I NEVER straightened a hook, even when using 80-lb braid. Rest assured, when I head back for round 3 against the big cats, I will be loading up on Slayer Heads again!

From: Chris: Fort Collins, CO 11/12/14

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