Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg 5pk

Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg 5pk

Totally redesigned, the Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg is a unique soft plastic frog bait that offers some key performance features. For one, it has a lifelike profile with legs that kick and churn wildly as you retrieve it over mats and vegetation. Its recessed hook slot also greatly increases your hook up ratio because there is less plastic for your hook point to penetrate on hooksets. The best thing of all though is what you can do if the Buzz Frawg happens to land upside down at the end of your cast. Simply let it sink (the weight of the hook will make it sink slowly), and when it gets just below the surface, it turns upright every time. Available in a variety of colors, the Warrior Baits Buzz Frawg is best when rigged on a large screw lock swimbait hook.

Length Quantity
5" 5

5 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was really impressed with this frog for several reasons: It has a great frog profile & the design allows it to come across the surface more "nose up" than most other buzz frog bodies.  It's solid & made from very durable plastic. The legs seem to survive longer than other soft body frogs, even after multiple fish. Best of all is the turbulent kicking action on the retrieve, even at a slower retrieve. I have rigged it with a 4/0 Owner Beast, which seems to be the perfect hook for this frog. Weightless for a super slow retrieve, or 1/8 oz for a fast retrieve. Heavy surface vegetation impedes the leg action. I choose this frog when fishing shallow water with subsurface vegetation. I typically work it in the open areas between docks where most guys are throwing buzzbaits.

From: Big John: NY 1/19/16

Comments: Just fished with someone who was throwing this frog. I was annoyed at first since it really churns up some water, I have not seen another frog that is so loud & heavy & also allows for a good hook set. All around great toad, if you want a frog that is Loud, casts far, fish hold on for easy hooksets & is not something they hear or see often, then grab a pack. I do not catch numbers on this bait, but I always throw it now & they are Big Fish baits for sure. Throw on heavy gear and swing for the fences, keep the head up, and do not wait after the blow up. The fish will be quality 8/10 times. TW is the best for selection, colors & all the best baits. Price is always lowest online or really close & free shipping $50 is awesome. Warrior Frog was designed well.

From: JR: Clearwater, FL 8/28/15

Comments: great bait fished it for 8 hours yesterday and got 3 quarter pounders!!

From: Johnny: Bismark

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