More than just another variation on the Senko style soft stick bait, the Tiki Bamboo Stick will give jaded bass a new swimming action and different shape than standard baits. The design difference in the Bamboo Sticks is that while the ends taper to about the same diameter as other soft stick baits, the center has a lot more mass and is about 50% thicker. This makes the bait tougher and more resistant to tears than standard baits, causing a more violent wiggle and side-to-side action and slower fall for a different presentation. The Bamboo Stick features multiple, tiny rings around the entire bait for an irresistible texture that bass will hold on to longer, Tiki's great anise scent, and Tiki's awesome colors. The Tiki Bamboo Stick Laminates offer great color combinations that flash different colors as the bait flutters down, really attracting attention and getting bit! If you like throwing Senko style baits, try the Bamboo Stick for a different look.

Wacky Rigging Tool

O-Wacky Rigging Tool

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5" 7

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I like the way the worm performs in the water. I use a #3 red hook, hooking it through the end. Both large mouth and small mouth bass love it. If I am casting in at shore or under the logs the fish some times hit right away, or I will let it set there for 30 seconds. The color that works the best for me on Chautauqua Lake is the blackish top and white bottom. These colors do not seem to show up in our stores anymore.

From: Kevin: Lakewood, NY

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