The Wave Worm Tiki Dip Stick is similar in design to many other soft stickbaits, but there are also some distinct differences. The Tiki Sticks have a slower fall rate than comparable soft stickbaits and have less tail movement. These two features make for a very straight horizontal fall. The durability of the Tiki Sticks is excellent, but these baits still have exceptional movement, especially when rigged weightless wacky style. Like all Tiki baits, they are scent enhanced with Wave Worm's special Molopo scent. The fall rate gives fish extra time to check out the bait, and even the most finicky fish will have a hard time resisting the Molopo scent.

Wave Worm gives you four color types to choose from: original, laminate, dip and swirl. If you need a solid color then try an original. Laminate colors give a two tone look to the bait. The dip baits have different colored tails. The swirl colors are two toned but in a swirl pattern throughout the bait. With this wide range of colors you can find a bait that will work in any situation.

Wacky Rigging Tool

O-Wacky Rigging Tool

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5" 10

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This bait is amazing, I used the green pumpkin/chart tip and I texas rigged it.  The bass must have been liking the chartreuse because I caught 10 in less than 2 hours my biggest being 5.4lbs.  They last a lot longer too!

Comments:This bait works well, There have been a lot of bass caught with this one. Good Luck!

From:David: Sneads Ferry, NC

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