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Designed specifically for finesse fishing, the Wave Worm Tiki Drop has had huge success catching large and small mouth bass, panfish and strippers. One of Wave Worm’s most popular drop shot baits, the Tiki Drop’s body is ideal for rigging and the tail is irresistible to passing fish. Also a great choice on a jig head, drop shot or Carolina-rig, the Wave Worm Tiki Drop is available in a variety of color combinations including solids, swirls and laminates.


Length Quantity
3.5" 15

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Picked up a bag just to try out. Why not at $1.49 a bag. Out fishing this last weekend nothing was biting went 3 hours without even a strike thought heck ill give them a try. caught 4 fish in the last hour out all on these great little baits! Really should have bought a few bags.

From: Adam: Appleton, WI

Comments: Best drop shot bait going IMO, my secret bait

Comments: good action and good amount of salt at this price should have bought 20 pack for the season

From: Sue: Fresno, CA

Comments: my cheap secret.

From: Paul

Comments: I caught two largemouths in consecutive casts in my local pond. It was the first time I'd fished a drop-shot rig in my local pond and I didn't think there were even any bass in there. Love these things.

From: Matt: Raleigh, NC

Comments: great bait fish just eat them on d.s.rig

From: Bruce: Dumore, PA

Comments: these work great with small and large mouth bass and works great with  trout fishing also.

From: Joe: Dayton, NV

Comments: This bait is excellent for dropshotting for smallmouth. The tail gives it an excellent action.

From: Brad: 

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