The Wave Worm Tiki Gorilla is a creature type bait that goes bananas as soon as it hits the water. Featuring a total of six moving parts, including four moving legs and a twin tail. The flappers at the end of each appendage provide the Tiki Gorilla with tremendous water displacement and thumping action. The Tiki Gorilla will perform well when flipped, pitched or fished weightless. Available in a variety of Wave Worm's most popular colors, the Wave Worm Tiki Gorilla is also loaded with Wave Worm's MoLoPo scent and attractant to lure fish in and make them hold on longer.

Length Quantity
5" 5

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: best bait on earth!!!!! buy it!!!!!

Comments: SHHHH.... not to be used with a Hardhead. SHHHH.....

From: Meatead: givin all my secrets away!

Comments: The gorilla in green pumpkin/ chart.sw is wicked around stumps and brush. Texas rig w/1/8 bullet wgt.

From: Ray: Tulsa, OK

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