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Wave Worm's Tiki Grass Craw is perfect for use as a jig trailer or as a stand alone bait for Texas-rigging. The body and 'arms' of the Tiki Craw are lined with tiny rings to provide the texture bass love, making them hang on longer. The Grass Craw features a relatively thick body that will take and hold a hook without ripping or splitting. The Grass Craw's claws come off the body in a straight line to slip through mats and grass more easily, unlike other craws what stick in the grass and won't slide through. These baits feature Wave Worms great colors and their Molopo scent that makes fish hang on longer.

Length Quantity
3" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: for a buck? u got yourself a good deal use em on a finesse jig trailer in cold water and youll catch fish what happned to green pumpkin color??

From: Anthony: Madison, WI

Comments: These are a low profile bait and have worked excellent for me as a spinnerbait trailer. I use them to add some bulk to them after the pike have torn the skirts up. At this price you really cant go wrong. Plus the scent lasts forever.

From: Brandon: Moosomin, Sask, Canada

Comments: Great bait for those creek smallies. catch 15+ every time. and props for me and the dills for getting the last of the black aqua

From: Cris: Honolulu, HI

Comments: Great jig trailer if the fish aren't hitting a large profile trailer. Put one of these on and catch em' all day caught many many fish on these great plastic!

From: Austin: TX

Comments: i go to this fishing spot and these are the only thing that work i got about 25 bass on this in 1week color watermelon red flake id recommend this with a size 3/0 jighead

From: Kerando: Westbrook, ME

Comments: i caught 6 bass in 2hours on the sweet potato pie then i wanted to try the watermelon red flake first two cast i caught 2 bass the 3 cast got a strong bite 4th nothing

From: Kerando: Westbrook, ME

Comments: Great bait!! I threw out a watermelon red in like 7-10 feet of water and my first cast got a good hit. I would recommended these to anyone that lives in my area. I fish these slow.

From: Bryan: Prescott, AZ

Comments: AMAZING!! I love em! i dont ussualy use them as a trailer i tend to texas rig on a 1/0 and the bass love em! i got the sweet potato pie color and the blue aqua! i havent fished the blues yet but they cant stay off them sweet potato pies!

From: Colton: MS

Comments: Nice finesse jig trailer. Bass like them.

From: Mike: TN

Comments: they make a great jig trailer and the price is low enough that you can stock up for not alot of change.

Comments: The price is right!  I caught a lot of smallies on these last year.  A few really nice ones too.  Not the most realistic craw but for the price they get the job done.

From: Tim: Minnesota, USA

Comments: Pretty good craw for 1.50$ you get what you pay for...

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