Wave Worms had only one thing in mind when they developed the 7" Tiki Lobster - helping you land the big one! The Tiki Lobster is the big brother of the Tiki Crawdude. It offers a solid, bulky body that is easy to rig and can withstand multiple fish catches.The lifelike claws and profile, combined with Wave Worm's MoLoPo fish attracting scent, make the Tiki Lobster a great Texas-rigged flipping bait. Wave Worms has also come up with some colors never before seen in craw imitations. From swirl to standard, the Tiki Lobster gets the job done. Recommended Hook Size: 8/0 9/0 10/0.

Length Quantity
7" 2

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: this is the best big crawfish imitation out there if you make a few mods like put some foam in the claws you cant beat this bait! an amazing price also. Caught my pb on this bait and it weighed in at 12.8 pounds so if your on the fence about this bait get it!

From: Ben: Atlanta, GA 7/23/14

Comments: Cut about 1.5 inches off the tail and rig these with a big jig head (8/0 to 10/0 hook). Beasts love this bait. I also like to cut the pinchers off the claws and cut a v in the claw to cut down on short strikers.

From: JDub: NV 2/27/14

Comments: These are the S@&!. Good for punching the mats with. Awesome trailer to match with paycheck punch skirts. Gonna swing some BIG delta donkeys with these. Finally found a craw large enough to match the craws we have here in the cal delta. Don't stop selling these TW.

From: Cal Delta

Comments: i brought two packs of these and when i got them i was shocked at how huge they are. i plan on using them at lake james nc where i live to get some of the strippers here. good colors though

From: morganton, nc USA

Comments: bought three packs of these with some christmas money. didn't realize how huge they were, and didn't know there was only 2 dumb mistake but atlas i got some world record plastics!

From: Eric: FL

Comments: We are still laughing two days after christmas. My dad said we must be going marlin fishing. Heck, I dont think I have a hook big enough in the boat!

From: Joe: Elm City, NC

Comments: just got them big profile cant wait to use them going deep though

From: Mike: Grantville, GA

Comments: I thought this was the most ridiculous looking craw because of it's size- I was Kayaking fishing the river and decided to give it a chance because nothing was working. Teamed it up with a 4-0 and a 5/8 lake fork tungsten weight and went brush flipping and caught a five plus shortly after- I'm not sure how but this oversize bait was definitely the key for the rivers bigger bass. My friends thought I was joking them- but it really works!

From: Josh: TX

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