The Wave Worm Tiki Monkey is a smaller version of the popular Tiki Gorilla. Perfect for those times when down-sizing your bait is the key to getting bit, the Tiki Monkey has a total of six moving parts, including four moving legs and a twin tail. The flappers on each appendage provides the Tiki Monkey with tremendous water displacement and thumping action. Available in a range of proven colors and loaded with Wave Worm's MoLoPo scent for added fish attraction, the Wave Worm Tiki Monkey is a proven performer for flipping, pitching, and punching applications.

Length Quantity
4" 8
3" 10

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: Today I went fishing off a dam, in conditions I knew would be ideal for the spot(wind blowing in, cloudy).  I pitched and flipped a double tailed hula grub, and caught 5 bass.  When that bite stopped, I drop shotted a producto worm and caught 2 more small ones.  As a last ditch effort I threw on a watermelon red flake 4" tiki monkey on a 1/0 wide gap with a pegged 1/4 oz worm weight....game on, I caught 7 more, including my 2 largest, 2.5 and 3.3 pounders.  Why did it work so well after the bite seemed dead?  Well, the 2.5 pounder spit up a craw that was of the same color and same size as this silly looking bait.  All I know is, it works, and I'm a believer.....if only Tackle Warehouse has the watermelon red flake.

From: Alan: CT

Comments: 3" green pumpkin w/ red flake on a 1/16th oz lead head with over sized hook is a spotted bass catching machine. Water was muddy and I don't know how they found it to eat it. The only drawback is confidence in throwing such a small bait.

From: Ben: Rome GA, USA

Comments: not sure why some of you are complaining about the size. it tells you the size and these catch fish...at least on Potomac river and Lake Anna..nice fish and smaller bass

From: John: Stafford, VA

Comments: A waste of 1.50. Even the 4 inch is way too small. I need a big bait to catch big fish. Just dont bother with it really.

From: Scotty: VA

Comments: I picked up 2 packages of these on clearance, 3" & 4" in Grasshopper and Watermelon copper.  I was surprised at the size when they came, they are smaller than you think, mostly because the rear appendages are pretty long.  The 4" might work for Texas rig, but I had the best luck on a dropshop rig with the VMC spinshot #1 dropshot hook, caught 3 decent bass in a few hours.  Due to the size I caught a buncha panfish too, so if you like panfish they seem to love these.

From: Chad: Yakima, WA

Comments: As mentioned the 3" should be a 3cm size as it is VERY small and not really useable for LMB - may work dropshot and very finesse presentations but not to texas rig.

From: Dustin: Salt Lake City, UT

Comments: The 3" tiki monkey. It is small want to throw them texas rig? Use a 1 hook. Good action though. Used them to catch blue gill, and bass. I have used them texas, drop shot, topwater. My favorite way of using these little guys is using them in a trailor. Spinnerbaits and jigs, look great.

From: CassT'one: Fayetteville, NC

Comments: 3 inch is really small almost to small

From: Bob

Comments:  Great bait on a split shot rig!

From: Sam

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