The Wave Worm Tiki Platypus is one creature bait you will want to have if you're a serious flipper. It features two flappers near the head of the bait and a huge paddle tail. These appendages combine to create large amounts of water displacement and slow the Tiki Platypus' fall rate to keep it in the strike zone longer. The paddles on either side of the bait and tail can also be cut down the middle to add even more action. Available in a range of proven Wave Worm colors, the Wave Worm Tiki Platypus is also loaded with Wave Worm's MoLoPo scent for additional fish attraction.

Length Quantity
4" 6

0 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is an excellent flipping bait! It's been responsible for many large catches. 


Comments: great pitching bait. I use the watermelon candy color and pinch the second set of arms off so there are just the paddles and the flapper tails. Slips through cover easily and catches fish. Great!

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: this bait aint worth it their are better baits out their for the same price if i was yall DONT WATSE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!

From: Colton: OK

Comments: caught a bunch of fish texas rigging this. We were throwin evrything under the sun but when we tied on this it was the ticket

From: Nick: Windsor, Ontario

Comments: Pretty sweet bait on a carolina rig. I have had some fun with this bait and the tiki gorilla and some mend it. Made some of these up to 10" with all the flappers and arms. They look a little ridiculous but they work.

From: Tim: TX

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