Wave Worm Tiki Shadick - $1.97

The Wave Worm Tiki-Shadick is a soft plastic twitch bait that provides anglers with some unique features. The Shadick has subtle ribs running across it's back that provide bass with a texture they like, while also increasing water disturbance that bass can sense with their lateral line. The belly of the Tiki-Shadick also has a split for your hook, and its long, straight tail will cause it to dart erratically and allow the bait to glide easily. Available in a range of proven Wave Worm colors, the Wave Worm Tiki-Shadick twitch bait is also loaded with Molopo attractant, which is guaranteed to make fish hang on longer.

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6" 10
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Wave Worm Tiki Shadick

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  • Black Blue Sapphire
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    6" $1.97
  • Watermelon Black Flk
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    6" $1.97

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Comments: I've been hesitant to purchase this as I've not seen reviews on TW and there is not much video of it out there to witness action.  At the sales price, pulled the trigger.  GREAT fluke style bait.  I like lots of tail action in my soft jerkbaits and this has it.  It's a soft fluke, great flutter action on the drop and wicked side to side movement on the jerk.  Used this past weekend and caught 4 bass on the same lure before having to toss it.  For the price, can't be beat.  Has the MOLOPO scent which may or may not help, but certainly doesn't hurt anything.  Well worth the price and will purchase more.

From: Heronimo: Boston, CA

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