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Now available in laminate colors, the Wave Worm Tiki-Shadick Laminate is a soft plastic twitch bait that provides anglers with some unique features. The Shadick has subtle ribs running across it's back that provide bass with a texture they like, while also increasing water disturbance that bass can sense with their lateral line. The belly of the Tiki-Shadick also has a split for your hook, and its long, straight tail will cause it to dart erratically and allow the bait to glide easily. Available in a range of proven Wave Worm colors, the Wave Worm Tiki-Shadick Laminate twitch bait is also loaded with Molopo attractant, which is guaranteed to make fish hang on longer.

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Comments: caught the biggest bass i ever caught on one of theses 10.67lbs on Lake Ray Hubbard.

From: Johnny: Dallas, TX

Comments:Great Action, they hold up well. I wish they had a "living eye" or some type of better eye though.

From:David: St. Jacob, IL

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