Wave Worm Tiki Swim Bug 7pk - $3.99

The Wave Worm Tiki Swim Bug was designed to excel in flipping and pitching applications. It's streamlined body allows it to slip through the tiniest holes in cover, and its claws and appendages come to life with the slightest movement. The Tiki Swim Bug's forward facing ribs help increase water displacement, and provide a natural texture that causes fish to hold on longer. The Tiki Swim Bug can even pull double duty as a jig trailer or at the end of a Carolina-rig. Available in a range of proven Wave Worm colors, the Wave Worm Tiki Swim Bug is also loaded with Wave Worm's MoLoPo scent for added fish attraction.

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4" 7
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Wave Worm Tiki Swim Bug 7pk

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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • New Orleans
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  • Watermelon Black Flk
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  • Watermelon Candy
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  • Watermelon Red Flk
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Comments: This bait is awesome its pretty durable and has a pretty cool action. it can also be worked as a topwater if the condictions call for it.

From: Adam: WI

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