Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Brent Chapman used the Wright & McGill Rick Clunn S-Glass Reaction Rods in route to his 2012 Elite Series Angler-of-the-Year Title!

Designed by four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Rick Clunn, the Wright & McGill Rick Clunn S-Glass Reaction Rods feature Wright & McGill’s advanced S-Glass blanks and high quality components. Dialed in specifically for Clunn’s most productive cranking techniques, the S-Glass blanks feature three separate layers of connective fibers composed of environmentally friendly hydanton resin. Each layer is laid directionally apposed and bonded together, so that collectively they produce a blank that is 25% stronger than fiberglass with a rebound rate that approaches high-modulus graphite. All while remaining incredibly lightweight. Holographic zirconium guides also reduce weight and improve casting distance, and split grip handles with revolutionary high-density rubber grips combined with large fighting butts balance out each rod. Offering the super soft feel and incredible power that Rick Clunn demands from his go-to cranking rods, the Wright & McGill Rick Clunn S-Glass Reaction Rods also feature unique custom, turquoise crackle finishes for a look all their own.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Bought 2 of these 7ft medium action.I noticed after catching a lot of fish with these the end of the rod never flexes back in shape like it should.Both rods snapped right at the end above the 2nd rod tip.I did some research and found out that Eagle Claw makes these rods.Piece of junk and a big waste of money.If I was Rick Clunn I would definitely take my name off these rods.You could send these back to Wright and McGill but they charge you 30 bucks a rod to replace it.Never order one of these again and I would never buy anything again that was made buy Eagle Claw everything they make is junk.I am out $130.00 and got nowhere with Wright and McGill.Tackle Warehouse you should throw these in the garbage.

From: Dan: Latrobe, PA

Comments: Picked 2 of these up when they were clearing stock.  I've gotten the most use so far out of the deep 2 crankin stick.  So far for the money, I love them.  Squarebill rod is light (for a glass rod) with plenty of give to help deflect off of cover and handle fish at the boat.  The deep crankin stick has some solid backbone to make casts easier, but even for a glass rod, it seems a little more difficult to launch big baits.  Action on the retrieve is exactly what you would want in a deep cranking stick, unless you need extra sensitivity to feel deflections.  I personally am willing to trade that for the fewer hangups and better fish handling ability with it.  One complaint I have is that they don't line up the splines uniformly and there are some noticeable variances in action even without a reel or bait on the rod.  Like I said though, for the price, they are good entry-level cranking rods. 

Comments: Great rod in every aspect. After a couple trips they are already one of my favorite rods!

From: Ross: MI

Comments: For those of you who say these rods are heavy...You guys obviously have never held any other fiberglass cranking rods before. I have several Tour KVD crankin' sticks that weigh three times as much as one of these RC's... If it weren't for the less than desirable colors (turquoise) I would swap out these for all my KVD's for sure. Great Actions/Tapers...Good Components, for that kind of money you can't go wrong. Just wish Skeet & RC would settle on plain old Black blanks...NO "FANCY" COLORS! Thats my only complaint...A solid rod otherwise!

From: Michael: Endicott, NY

Comments: I ordered two of these when they went on sale, the 6'8 H Square Bill and the 7'8 M Deep Crank. I really liked the feel of the square bill rod, but the trigger was broken when I received it in the mail. I returned to TW and had to take store credit because they were out of stock. The Deep Crank rod is nice, I actually paired it with the old BPS Rick Clunn cranking reel. Pretty sweet combo for the price. The only concern is glass is a little heavy, but the feel and action of the rod make up for it. Planning on using a lot this summer when I deep crank the most.

From: Adam: Bowling Green, KY

Comments: Okay you guys need to relax about the weight. I have 4 and will buy all the remaking stock. I have two 7 footers and one  two 6''6  if you are worried about weight throw a smoke or exo on it. Late spring when bass are on beds I use the 6'6 on 8 lb line and throw a 5 inch kvd caffeine shad on the bed and they kill it. One because the rod gives so much you don't break the 8lb line it's crazy good. And I can feel the bite 40 yards away.

Comments: I purchased three of these babies.  Not a problem to speak of.  I enjoy the give the rods have, it allows me to not snatch the bait out of the fish's mouth on retrieve.  Great price to boot...

From: Kenny: FWB, FL

Comments: I had a bad glass rod a few years back and I was really hesitant to try another one, but I finally rolled the dice on the clear water square bill model. I'm really happy with it. It throws a Wiggle Wart a mile. It wasn't as heavy feeling as I was afraid it might be. I've caught a few nice fish on it so far. Looking forward to a little warmer weather so I can get more experience with it. Great rod for the price.

From: Ham: Mountain Home, Arkansas

Comments: These are GLASS rods...they're going to be significantly heavier no matter WHAT...even a short rod (6'6"-6'9") made of fiberglass is going to be above five ounces. 7'8" expect it to be in the 6.5ounce range, prob even more...But for 65$ for a rod endorsed by the greatest bass fisherman/crankbait fisherman probably of all-time...can't complain. For someone who does very little TRUE DEEEEEP crankbait fishing (16ft and up) this would be a decent option. A 7'-7'3" graphite crankbait rod that I can use on a more wide-range of depths and applications is something I'd be much more apt to spend proper $ on. Glass are "WET NOODLES" too...if you have not fished glass I suggest you handle one before you buy. Simply learning to cast them properly is a learning-curve. Personally, not really a fan of glass in general for the giant diameters, high weight, TOO MUCH give (not Mod-fast or even is slowwwwwwww) and lack of versatility. They are strictly for lipped diving crankb
aits...and I rly wouldnt reccomend them for shallow crankbaits...mostly deep or medium 8'-20'

From: Tanner: MA

Comments: I purchased the 7'8" deep crank and as soon as i took it out of the tube i felt like i had a brick in my hand.  The 7' versions may only weigh 5.5 but the 7'8" is OVER 8 ounces.  Thats over half a pound of rod.  Looking it over further i noticed a slight curve to the right on the tip and the reel seat was not aligned with the line guides.  I want to like the rod because its a Clunn rod but it just is too heavy and too cheap.

From: Ben: Johnstown, NY

Comments: Ok, I was scared to death to order this rod.  Cheap price and lots of reviews that say it feels like its filled with lead.... REALLY?
No, this rod may not be as light as my top of the line super sensitive jig poles, but its not that bad at all.  Unless you fish 5 days a week, in which all 5 days your deep cranking ledges, this pole will work great for you.  You guys must be 5'4", 130 lbs to think this thing is so heavy it has to be sent back.  I bought the 7'8" deep crank model, and if your looking for an affordable, long casting, tip giving crankbait rod, here is your Huckleberry. 

From: JT, IN

Comments: I used this rod with tremendous success last year, after struggling with hook ups on another casting rod I decided to go to this S-Glass rod and it's a 100% er if I do what I'm supposed to. I mean the Fish just can't help but hop on the boat. If I could afford it my boat would be full of these rods.

From: CJ: Boise, ID

Comments: Can't beat the rod for the price. About to get the 7'8" for deep cranking

From: Kyle: Houston, TX

Comments: Been using this rod for deep cranking for the past month and I am not a big fan of it. I had this paired up with a Lews Tournament Speed Spool and could not launch a DD22 farther than 25-30 yards with the reel settings super loose. The tip on this rod is too flimsy to launch a crankbait far which is crucial to getting your bait down. Save up your money and get something better.

From: CA

Comments: Got the 7'8" MH and this rod is the shizzle!!  Can handle any large crankbait and launches anything into space!  Don't know of any big crankbait that is light as a feather, but this rod will not beat you up.  Put a Lews on it and you will set for any deep diving bait you can tie on it.  Looking forward to throwing the new 6" Strike King monster on this rod.  Sensitive and very strong.  Unbelievable cranking rod for what I paid.

From: Peter: Lodi, CA

Comments: To "Max: MN", I just weighed the 7' Med Lipless Crank and it weighs about 5.5 oz. compared to my 7' Powell Diesel Med Hvy at 4.7 oz. In general I think this rod is great for the $65 sale price, and even better for the $50 price at xmas. This rod feels great, seems to be constructed well. The butt of the handle is a good size to use for leverage for chuckin' those cranks. Be aware that the blue color covers about 3/4 of the length of the rod. Some people might not like that.

From: Dave: Mankato, MN

Comments: How heavy is this rod compared to others? it is like $65 is it reliable? it seems a little to good to be true? i would like to hear back thanks!

From: Max: MN

Comments: I buy(at Christmas offer)7' Med Lipless Crank with baitcaster LewÃ≠´s LS1SMG as my third "crankbaits-combo". Rod is a lightweight, comfortable and very nice action in hands and finally I can also cast light crankbaits as Rapala Original F-9, F-11, but masterfully handles a heavier crankbaits up to 1/2oz(Rattlin Rapala-7). I think, that casting abilities Med Lipless Crankbaits rod are little bit understated, I seem "ideal casting lure weight" for this rod about 3/8oz. I heartily recommend for lure of 3/16 oz up to 1/2 oz!!!! Very nice rod for astonishing price  :-)  :-)  :-) 

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.

From: Petr: Czech Republic

Comments: I got the 7' MH squarebill rod and am extremely pleased with this purchase.  This rod has the perfect combination of backbone and moderate taper to effectively fish squarebills through grass or around heavy wood cover.  Fiberglass is a must to provide any crankbait rod with the right action to load better with cranks.  This rod has this action but doesn't sacrifice sensitivity for the perfectly moderate taper; it is extremely sensitive and therefore matches all of the parameters for fishing squarebill crankbaits.  Great rod that I highly recommend

From: Joe: FL

Comments: Just got the 7'8'' deep crank.  I was a bit skeptical to try another Wright and McGill rod as I have already tried the skeet mag crank which has no backbone.  I was pleasantly surprised.  This rod appears to have plenty of backbone and a nice soft tip to make it perfect for cranking all types of cranks even the forearm burning 6xd types.  Maybe not the 10xd, but we will see. For a rod that is now around 50 dollars I don't see how anybody could go wrong.  My previous favorite, the 7'10'' MH KVD cranking rod may be rivaled with this rod.

From: Blain: Choctaw, OK

Comments: ordered this rod on sale after reading these great reviews only to be disappointed! The 7'8" deep cranking rod is so heavy and very uncomfortable to fish. Very nice looking rods but thats only half the battle... will be looking else where for a better rod maybe a abu winch or a shimano

From: Al: KY

Comments: This rod is solid!!! 7'8 loads up perfect! cant go wrong with these rods.

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: Product: I ordered the Wright & McGill Clunn Reaction Rod 7' MH Clear Sq Bill for fishing a trap in grass beds. couldn't see how a lipless crankbait rod only rated to 5/16 of a oz. for a lure was going to be able to handle the job. I'm sure I'll love the rod but will have to wait until spring to try it out, also Rick doesn't endorse anything he doesn't believe in and researched.

From: Paul: Vermont

Comments: I got the 7'8" deep cranking stick recently and am very impressed with it. Loads up nicely on fish and has enough power in the butt to pull fish from any hangs out deep without yanking the hooks out. Handles deep divers with ease. Glass is the only way to go for cranking IMO and the W&m rods are great rods at a really good price. If you crank in the 12'+ range, give the 7'8" deep cranker a try. Paired with a revo gen 3 winch makes for a light setup with a large glass rod. Tight lines and God bless

From: Tyler: KY

Comments: Bought 6'6" MH from TW and it came in to NJ in less than a week (you Calley boys are fast). Kudos to Wright & McGill...well made, very pretty, and the action is spot on. Absolutely love the guides...out on the water, they reflect light in a spectacular manner. The action is great, too. I've already caught several nice bass on a shallow running crankbait, and there's plenty of hook setting power in this stick, but as advertised by Mr. Clunn, it's forgiving enough that you won't rip the bait from the fish, especially when they thrash around at the side of the boat. My only wish: a stripped down version that is really, really light. Right now I have this paired with a 201 Curado, but I'm gonna swap it with a 3rg gen REVO SX to lose another ounce. Still, I gotta say, I LOVE working this rod. For $90 bucks, you can't go wrong. W & M hit a home run with this series, and Clunn really does know what he's talking about. Don't hesitate to pick one up if you want a dedicated crankin' stick.

From: John: Wharton, NJ

Comments: i have the skeet reese cranking stick and if feels great and keeps the fish on. but after 1 year of use the handle keeps turning and misalligns the blank with the reel.

From: Matt: Pineville, LA

Comments: I have the H murky water SBC rod and it's a game changer. Before I was using a Shimano Clarus and it wasn't forgiving enough. Paired with the winch to me it seems to be perfect for Cranking. Working on getting my second one now.

From: Boise: ID

Comments: The reelseat adjustment knob is out of position in this photo and can easily be moved into it's proper place. This is somewhat common, especially when a reel isn't secured to the rod. The law of gravity has won this battle. There is nothing wrong with Wright McGill's reelseat.

From: John: USA

Comments: Was looking to purchase these rods for square bill use but was concerned about quality... After looking closer at pics TW has up and noticing reelseat hood is upside down, guess that answers my question. oops!!!

From: Steve: OR

Comments: I bought  2 of thses rods for the new 2012 season & I could not put them down! I plan on picking up the entire set! Casting is great & hook ups are a sure thing! Keep it Reel

From: Richie: NJ

Comments: 7' lipless crankbait rod couldn't work better and what a price for such a high quality dependable rod and it looks sweet.

From: K-rod

Comments: i got the murky square bill and this rod casts great and i was suprised being tht it was a glass rod...its balanced well and is a great cranking rod...even better paired with a 5.4:1 reel

From: Jacob

Comments: Bought the 7' MH clear bill couldn't be happier. Great rod for a good price. Maybe get the deep cranking next.

From: Nate: TN

Comments: GREAT ROD! GREAT PRICE! bought the clear sqr.bill clear water model couldnt of asked for more! put it this way Im orderin the 7'8 for deep crankin and pairin it with an daiwa exceler 4:6:1 cant wait to pull a hawg from the deep!

From: Jason: Hampton, VA

Comments: I got the 7' 8" deep crank and was very suprised with the way this rod performed... Would recommend to to anybody looking for a great crankin stick.

From: Mark: TN

Comments: I got the 6'8" MH Square Bill rod before my regional tournament on High Rock Lake.  This proved to be perfect for throwing my 1.5 and 2.5 square bills on 14# mono. Wrights & McGill has done it again.  Great rods and a great price!  Get yourself a Clunn rod, you wont be disappointed.

From: Jon: PA

Comments: wow! I can't believe that know one has put a comment down yet on such an awesome rod.I love this rod.  The deep cranker rod is in my opinion my favorite one.  I have the jerk bait one and I don't really like that one cause you can't cast that far compared to the deep cranker.  I like to cast my bait farther because it will give you a larger range of fish catching ratio.

From: Joe: CA

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