Wright & McGill Skeet Micro Honeycomb Casting Rods

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Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Brent Chapman used the Wright & McGill Rick Clunn S-Glass Reaction Rods in route to his 2012 Elite Series Angler-of-the-Year Title!

Wright & McGill again combined forces with top BASS Elite Series pro, Skeet Reese to create the new high performance W&M Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Casting Rod Series.  Extremely lightweight and incredibly sensitive, each rod blank is created through the combination of three separate layers of high-modulus graphite wrapped around a high-density graphite core, reinforced by woven fibers, and then bound together by W&M’s new, industry leading, micro honeycomb resin.  This advanced construction process ensures unparalleled performance without sacrificing strength and durability.

New Micro Guide technology further compliments each blank’s characteristics, while also providing increased casting accuracy and reduced weight.  Wright & McGill’s Advanced Guide Placement (AGP) positions the guides precisely along each rod blank based on its intended use and design to ensure maximum performance in each rod’s specific technique.  A split grip handle design with a large fighting butt also helps perfectly balance out each rod, and a proprietary Wright & McGill Reel Seat provides a lightweight, sturdy base for your reel.  Delivering Elite Series performance at a price that is more affordable to the everyday angler, the Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Casting Rods are the same rods Skeet uses to consistently excel at the highest levels of competitive bass fishing.  

Click Here - to check out video of Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Skeet Reese, discussing the Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Micro Honeycomb Casting Rods.

“I love high performance and these new W&M Micro Honeycomb rods were built to be exactly that - light, sensitive and perfectly balanced.  Like other super high end rods as far as weight and sensitivity but these are affordable and they even feature new micro guides for long and accurate casts. If you like the S-Curve series, you’re going to love the new W&M Micro Honeycomb line up.” - Skeet Reese, Bassmaster Classic Champ and BASS AOY.

All Wright & McGill rod warranties must go directly through Wright & McGill. For more information please visit www.eagleclaw.com/warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

W&M Skeet Micro Cast Rod 7' Finesse Worm/Fluke

WMESRMSB70C - Finesse Worm/Fluke. 7' Finesse Worm/Fluke Video

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 12+Tip Honeycomb B 15" In Stock: 3 $99.99
Honeycomb B

W&M Skeet Micro Cast Rod 7'2" Frog

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Med-Fast 50-80lb Braid 1-4oz 11+Tip Honeycomb D 16" In Stock: 2 $109.99
Honeycomb D

W&M Skeet Micro Cast Rod 7'2" Jig/Worm

WMESRMJW72C1 - Football Jig/Big Worm. 7'2" Jig/Worm Video

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1oz 13+Tip Honeycomb C 15-3/4" In Stock: 2 $99.99
Honeycomb C

W&M Skeet Micro Cast Rod 6'4" MH Football Jig/Big W

WMESRMFJ64C1 - Football Jig/Big Worm

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Stock Price Qty
Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1oz 12+Tip Honeycomb B 15" In Stock: 1 $99.99
Honeycomb B

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I really enjoy the finesse worm fluke rod because of its versatility. I use this rod for a lot of things. Definitely a great rod. I have even caught 10lb 27in bull redfish on this little thing.

From: Dylan: Texas 12/7/16

Comments: I bought this rod because I broke my Veritas and was in desperate need of a jig rod. All the Abu's I felt in the store felt more powerful than their rating, so I settled on this. Although I like the action of this rod, I don't find it very sensitive and will replace it with a Denali or Duckett. If you're looking for a jig rod I'd look for something else.

From: Dave: MA 7/2/15

Comments: I got a W&M Skeet Micro cast rod, 7'2" Jig/Worm and within 5 months it broke on a hook set. Broke @ 12" from tip. Sent rod back for warranty replacement, $30 plus shipping. Received new rod, used @ 4 trips before it broke @ 12" from tip on a hook set. Don't want another one of these type rods.

From: Tom: Round Rock, TX 10/22/14

Comments: I had 3 of these rods  but now have 1 because the other 2 snapped. One 8 foot flipping model and One 7 foot 6 inch heavy. The 8 foot flipping rod snapped while setting the hook on a fish at Lake Okeechobee. The 7 foot 6 inch rod snapped casting a Big EZ. It costs $30.00 per rod plus shipping to have them inspected and possibly replaced. Not worth the cost to get more rods that snap for no apparent reason. Quality Control issues or poor design. Either way save your money for a better rod.

From: Jeremy: Kingsland, GA 

Comments: this is a update on my last comment! do not get this rod wet, i fished in a rainstorm with the heavy cover rod and when i got back home i put it in my rod wall mount to dry out over night, the next day i found the bottom cork seperating from the yellow eva foam and the black eva foam seperating from the reel seat. the next time i fished with the rod the tip insert fell out and tore up my seaguar 20 lb invisx fluorocarbon like a knife and butter. getting the tip replaced this week and gonna see what i can do about the grip

From: Shawn: Ontario, Canada

Comments: I got the flipping rod and put an ardent F-700 on it. I fish in a ponds and lakes a lot so i fish jigs and flip a lot of plastics. This rod had the back bone to handle big fish and gets the job done. It is a great rod. I have two skeet reese rods and I only use them out of like 15 combos.

From: Grant: Auburn, AL

Comments: i picked up the pitchin stick at cabelas and man its great you need this rod i can cast a mile (not often because im normaly pitching) and it handles 3/8 oz and 1/2 jigs and texas rigs like magic

From: Shawn: Canada

Comments: I bought one of these rods and loved it so I ordered 8 more of them. So far I have broke 4 out of the 8. They have broken on hook sets, stuck jigs, casting swim baits and swing a 2 pound fish in the boat. I do like the rods but for all the coast of sending them back it would have been more of a savings to buy a better built rod to start with. The reel seats also come lose after a day of fishing.

From: Joey: Lake Havasu, AZ

Comments: like this rod. good stiffness for strong hooksets. only downfall is the insert in the eye on the tip keeps popping out. have to get replacement eye.

From: Sky: WI

Comments: I bought two of the 7'6" Heavy cover rods. One I fish 25lb floro-carbon the other I fish 40lb Power Pro. The Micro guides are O.K. but had to change the tips on both rods because the insert kept popping out. Not cool man!! However, I do like the strength and feel for close combat flippin' and lite punchin. The rod delivers good power on the hook set and the price works. 

From: L.J.: Sac, CA

Comments: Haven't fished with this rod but I just barley bent the tip on one of the 7'6" at academy sports and it snapped without very much pressure at all. Couldn't imagine fishing in heavy cover with it. Might've just been that specific rod, not sure.

From: John: Evans, GA

Comments: I have been using the 7'2" Big Worm/Football jig rod for throwing frogs and it like it. It is not the stiffest rod in the world, but I am able to make the frog walk well with it. It would not be the best for the heaviest cover, but I caught and 8 and a half pounder on it that I dragged in along with a pile of weeds. The rods casts a long ways with a Curado 201E7. I enjoy using this rod.

From: Ben: CA, USA

Comments: Not as sensitive as other rods in the same or even cheaper price range.  I have the jig/worm rod and I use a 10in lake fork worm on it.  It casts far but just isn't very sensitive.  The guides are sub par as well, they bend easy.  I use stik jackets and while sliding the stik jacket over the rod I had two guides bend.  None of my other rods have ever bent the guides when sliding my jackets on.  I have 9 lamiglas excels.  I am just glad I got this rod for 68 bucks online.

From:  Andy: Farmington, MN

Comments: bought the 7 FT FINESSE WORM/FLUKE LOVE IT JUST GOT BACK FROM PICKWICK CAUGHT BLACKS UP TO SIX POUNDS & smallmouth up to five pounds on senkos great rod i will be buying more!!

From: Larry: Sherwood, AR

Comments: will not hold up over time the micro guides bend because they do not have the support. the top guide was bending when i would reel up to put the rod away. i bought two of these rods one from here and one from GM. buy a carrot stix

From: Russell: Lake Ariel, PA

Comments: I used the 7'2 jig/big worm rod. I thought it performed really well and was pretty sensitive. I think the fluke/worm rod is better and more sensitive and would be a better rod for texas rigged plastics/worms. It's a good rod for a good price.

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: Bought the football jig/ worm rod a couple of months ago. I'm agree with Ryan from Temecula... this rod has great action and is plenty strong, great casting distance b/c it loads up nicely when casting a jig. BUT.. it is not very sensitive in my opinion...even in its price range. I hate that b/c i really like the action and when fighting a fish it feels great. But feeling light strike on deep jigs is tough on this rod. I will probably keep it but look for another jig rod eventually.

From: Vance: High Rock Lake, NC

Comments: Just got the 7'2" Jig and worm.  Put a revo stx on it and the balance is not great.  I do however love the feel of the  handle for my smaller hands.   Tested it out dragging some Jigs and making some long casts.  Not the most sensitive rod ever but I like the action for a jig rod.  Only caught a 2 pounder today with it  but seems like this rod is plenty strong and not as brittle feeling as some of your lighter/ more sensitive blanks.  I'm think I'm going to look for a more sensitive rod for fishing Jigs deep this winter though.

From: Ryan: Temecula, CA

Comments: Very nice rod, microguides do make you cast longer.. I use it with a citica and works perfectly, great combination. very sensitive rod.

From: Joe: Baja, Mexico

Comments: Honeycomb does not have Fuji microguides but they are still very good shooting the line through. I'm not to crazy of the black/yellow color scheme, I did get black/yellow Reel Grips to put on my Abu Garcia Revo S.  I can live with the color it wasn't a deal breaker for me. Overall, it's a sensitive rod and great price for a rod with microguides.  Only thing is, if you have weak eyes, you'll see your magnifier to thread the line.

From: Ghost: Indiana, USA

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