Bassmaster Elite Series pro, Brent Chapman used the Wright & McGill Rick Clunn S-Glass Reaction Rods in route to his 2012 Elite Series Angler-of-the-Year Title!

Skeet Reese - 2009 Bassmaster Classic champion and 2007 BASS Angler of Year - worked closely with the team at Wright & McGill to develop the high quality, affordably priced Wright & McGill Skeet Reese Victory Casting Reels.  Equipped with all of the performance and features that Skeet Reese needs to excel at the highest levels of competitive bass fishing, the low profile Victory Casting Reel is available in both a high speed 6.2:1 gear ratio and a ultra high speed 7.0:1 gear ratio.  It also features an Oversized Power Handle, Precision Cut Brass Gears and 10 ball bearings (9+1) for smooth and consistent winding power.  A hefty Teflon Drag System complete with Audible Click Star Adjustment also delivers the toughness to do battle with the biggest bass.  Affordable and packed with features, the Wright & McGill Skeete Reese Victory Casting Reels are also designed to be the perfect match in weight, balance, color and performance to the Wright & McGill Skeet Tessera Casting Rods.

Additional Features:

Centrifugal Anti-Backlash Braking System
Unlimited Anti-Reverse
One-Touch Removable Aluminum Spool
Quick Access Side Plate
Neoprene Reel Case included
Backed by One-Year Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I just got this real on the sale price. To say its a good deal is an understatement. Skeet Reese has obviously proven to be a great fisherman and he would'nt use a bad product day in and day out. For 58.88 its a real that offers 10 bearings and an aluminum frame which is unheard of. Its a great real for the money and it cast a 3/8 ounce pop-r a mile.

From: Tucker: Fayetteville, GA 4/20/14

Comments: I own a couple of these reels paired with the 7' Skeet crankbait rod. To be considered a low end reel it compairs to the Shimano Canean at the price point. It does a good job on small to medium diving cranks. If this reel was fished on daily basis like most pros do, i think then it would fail at some point, such as drag or constant spool over runs.So far mine have performed well,but i fish only once per week at most.

From: Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments: this was my first baitcasting reel I liked it alot but it is loud I dont no if it is the line the sufix 832 digital braid but it is a great reel it cast good and even better with a microguide rod I would suggest it.

From: Matt: MI

Comments: I bought this reel for flipping grass No Problems so far I add a couple drops of oil about every 3rd trip.

From: TX

Comments: Review:well guys i bought this reel 2 years ago along with the skeet reese rod and it was my worm pole but i loved them and i told my cousin and one of my buddys well my cousin has gone through 2 going on his 3rd cause the snake gear stops at one side which loads all the line on one side and my buddies grinds and screems at you when you cast mine was pretty good it would cast a senko pretty far but after a year i sold it for 30 bucks to another buddy so i could add a another revo to my arsenal. Rod sucks too my first senko toad snapped on the 7th fish and had the replacement for a year and a half and it got really faded and then it snapped my cousin snapped a worm and fluke on a hookset and a blair wiggins on a cast so lets just say im done with wright&mcgill.

From: Dunnellon Florida

Comments: This reel casts nice, but its loud. If loud reels bother you, dont buy this. Its like throwing your money into a hole in the water.

From: Derrick: IL

Comments: First off, let me tell you how I received this reel.  I don't know if anyone noticed the deal that Dick's Sporting Goods had going on a couple of weeks ago but I bought a Skeet Reese baitcasting rod and received this reel for free!  I had not really read into any reviews about this reel, so I thought I was getting a great deal.  Then, I read the reviews on here and it seems that not many people really like this real, and everyone was complaining about the sounds it made.  Everyone is saying it needs oil out of the box, but I decided to take it out and use it without oiling it or anything.  I have the 7:0:1 model paired with a Shimano Sellus worm/jig rod.  Let me tell you, I did not have one problem with this reel!  Not one backlash or noise came out of this reel!  It was smooth all day and handled the worms I was throwing very well!  I have not used many other reels in this price range, but I can tell you that this is a great reel and I definitely recommend it!

From: Jordan: Muscle Shoals, AL

Comments: I have 8 of these now and I love mine. Only had an issue with one of them which I sent back and Wright and Mcgill replaced with a new one. A few of them are 3 years old now and they still cast great and feel smooth. I'm sure when you compare them to $200+ reels they don't seem that good but for a budget fisherman like myself I really like them and they go great with the Skeet and Clunn rods.

From: Jim: Newark, DE

Comments: IMO these reels receive a bad rap on this and other sites. They do sound a little rough right out of the box but that's nothing that taking a little time and care can't solve. Bust them down and grease/lube them properly and they will perform/ sound great. Good buy for an economy bass fisherman. Bad buy for folks with $ to burn and tackle snobs.

From: Keith: Pittsboro, NC

Comments: Ive had this reel for about a year. Its pretty smooth and has a pretty descent drag. The spool starting to make some weird noises but it wasnt anything some lube wouldnt fix. The larger handles are actually pretty comfortable. I have had the side plate randomly fly off the reel in water once but I believe this was due to user error.

From: Adam: Central PA

Comments: If you fish tournaments at any level below the pro circuit, a reel in this price range is a probably where you will want to be at. I would rather have 15-20 rod and reel combos at $150-$170 than 10 -12 $200-220 combos for the same money. It is a good reel probably at the upper end in its price range. If you take care of this reel it will take care of you, and if it does break it doesnt hurt as much to replace it as a higher end reel does. A little advice before you even use it take it home and put some greese and oil on and in it. keep it clean and lubricated and it performs like a reel closer to the $130-$150 range.

From: Mitch: MN

Comments: Well after reading all the other reviews I thought I would give my perspective. Ive had mine for more than a year and use it regularly in the salt water and had caught every thing from big halibut and bass to bat rays and love this reel.How do you drop the side plate in the water? for 80 bucks you won't find any other reels with 10BB. I love the oversized handle and the quick retreaval. Of coarse as with any other reels you have to keep the inside clean. The only problem I've had is when i push the button it sometimes sticks. This is one of the easiest reels to disasseble.With a little TLC the sticking problem became a non issue. I strongly reccommend this reel to all anglers.

From: Timothy: Imperial Beach, CA

Comments: side plate came off fell in lake first time i used it tryed contact them all i got was an answering machine left a mesage 3 weeks ago

From: Rob: Fieldale, VA

Comments: For an $80 reel this thing is not bad.  I have a Abu skeet reel which I love so much more then this reel.  One would think Skeet would align himself with a stronger partner then Wright and McGill.  He must have got a ton of money or ownership interest because this product is just so so.  For $80 its a good reel, but where is the BETTER, and BEST quality by this same company.  I don't think they exist.  I'm selling mine on crags list. Also, I think the crank is WAY to big for the reel.  Decide for yourself.

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: well mine broke today.. the button stays down and doesnt come up.. idk whats wrong with it im sending it back.. not a good reel. had mine for about 6 months.

Comments: Decent little reels, but theres a reason their only $80! I like the oversized handle but it just felt cheap. I only had mine for about a month before I decided to go with something else. Ok reel for a beginner, but not what I thought it would be from Skeet. Especially after the Skeet Reese revos, I have 2 of them and this reel isnt in the same league with them. Wish he woulda stayed with Abu Garcia!

From: Will: Tuscumbia, AL

Comments: I also had the sideplate come off and went into the lake about the third time it was cast

From: Rex: Bargersville, IN

Comments: love this reel. just put some oil in it and it works like a charm. nice drag, and love the oversized handle

From: Alex: Panama City, FL

Comments: I bought this reel brand new in box for 40 bucks. Right out the box it had no oil so I oiled it but it still feels like a cheap reel. My revo s and citica are a million times nicer. Glad I only paid 40 cuz that's all it's worth I really expected better from a skeet Reese reel... Only good part is the handle..

From: Ty the FisherGuy: MN

Comments: hands down best reel.  little noise but just needed to be lube. easy to cast but like every reel you will need to adjust it.  great price for a nice reel. 

From: Nick: CA

Comments: nice reel for the money , not  very loud , casts nice when brakes turned way down

From: Ocala, FL

Comments: Barely used this reel and the side containing the breaks poped off and wouldnt stay on! made me soo mad! worst reel i hate it... waste of money

From: FL

Comments: this reel is okay i guess i bought it not to long ago abt 4 days ago and when i was using it one day in a tornament i had caught an nice 8lber but when i went to re throw it the side came off! and the drag isnt all that great, abu garcia is the way to go!

From: Jacob: SC

Comments: I've had this reel for a year now and love it. Yes, it is a little noisy but doesn't decrease its performance once so ever. I would rather have a slighly noisy reel that works great than a quite one that back lashes every 5 seconds... All in all I would recommend it.

From: Justin: FL

Comments: I bought this reel and didn't make 30 casts with it. The gears started grinding and couldn't reel my bait in. I sent it back and haven't received it back yet...

From: Blake: Kentucky, USA

Comments: i got this reel for chrismas last year and i think since then i put like 80 fish in the boat i own a curado and the victory series is right up there with it

From: Julius: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: When i took this reel out of the box it didnt have a drop of oil in it so i greased it up and after that it casted like a dream. Really smooth and quiet. Great for the money.

From: Dunnellon, FL

Comments: update to comment below, I had to turn the braking system all the way down to zero to cast past 30ft.

From: Kyler: TX

Comments: This reel isnt as smooth as I wish it would be, but good for the money.

From: Kyler: TX

Comments: best reel ever dont like the rods but the reel goes good on a ducket!!

From: Raymond: Np FL

Comments: i bought this reel 3 months ago. haven't had a single problem with it. Its very quiet and smooth. Takes a little fine tuning once you spool up but I'm impressed. Landed a 7.69 the first tournament i fished with it along with a 5 and a 3 1/2. I will be getting more

From: Daniel: Lafayette, LA


From: John: Rockwall, TX

Comments: this reel is awesome, man i have atleast 8 of them they pull through everytime!! i always count on these reels,they havent failed me yet

From: J: Ninety-six, SC

Comments: I just bought one when I got it, it was loud and my first cast in my yard I casted and got backlash and had too cut my line so I'm sending it back buy a revo series instead

From: Jacob: Bluemound, IL

Comments: this is a great reel for the money from wrightandmigill

From: Phoenix, AZ

Comments: The long handle is for hard pulling deep diving crankbaits, big bladed get more torque.. its like putting a cheater bar on a wrench.  In the end you are saving yourself energy.

Comments: the handle is way to big for the reel!

From: Jesse: Phx, AZ

Comments: I got the 7.0.1 gear ratio and matched it with the skeet Reese spinnerbait/worm rod and it is great.The reel ain't as loud as people say it it but a great combo under $200 can't beat it

From: Cole: Gordo, AL

Comments: I have had this reel out for 4 fishing trips now and 1 tournament and I think this is an amazing reel for the price.  I wanted to add that since a lot of people have said it loud, mine was very loud too when I first got it and used it for the first time and that same night I came home and greased the levelwind gear and pawl and took the spool bearings out and cleaned them and oiled them and now it is smoother and very very quiet.  At first I didn't think I was going to like it because of all the noise but now I would put it up in a competition with my 2 curado 200e7's.  Good smooth strong drag and the long handle and swept handle is very nice as well.  Excellent reel for the price.

From: Brian: Illinois, USA

Comments: For the money, this reel isn't bad. It casts well, once you fine tune it, and the over-sized handle is a plus. It is a little loud but it performs well. So far, I haven't had any problems with it and would recommend it to anglers who want a decent reel at a decent price.

From: Tom: North Charleston, SC

Comments: I've put this reel through 3 months of biweekly+ fishing. Paired up to a AG Vendetta rod, it has landed many big bass in tough conditions with ease.  Without a doubt, it is up to the task...smooth casting, light weight, with a strong predictable drag. Best bang for the buck IMO and I can recommend this reel highly

From: AKF: Austin, TX

Comments: This reel is not up to the standards of a reel priced at this price. Purchased 3 and returned them after I fished with them one time. Never again...

From: Tony: Alpharetta, GA

Comments: For the price, a decent reel. All my other reels are Abu Garcia. The skeet model, the premier, SX, Winch, and this reel would be almost as good. Smooth, and quiet so far. Might buy another one.

From: Brent: Anderson, SC

Comments: I have several 3 & 400 dollar reels and for the money this reel simply cant be beat period! Really don't think Skeet would put his name on something that sucks!

From: Fred: Lake Fork, TX

Comments: Noticed a high pitch noise when reeling in after a few casts.  Pushed the spool in and took care of it, but eventually the noise came back.  Other than that pretty good so far.

From: Chuck: Sacramento, Ca

Comments: This reel is nothing more than a Pinnacle Vision XLT with new paint. Not a bad reel, but there a lot better out there for the money.

From: Bob: Texas, USA

Comments: I have several other baitcast reels and this one out does them all. Cant wait for the 7.0:1 to come out.

From: Jerry: Harrodsburg, KY

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