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Wright & McGill Skeet S-Curve Casting Rods - $89.99 to $99.99

Wright & McGill Skeet S-Curve Casting Rods

"Don't think for a moment this rod isn't great because of the price. Because if it wasn't, I wouldn't jeopardize my career by using them. So I'm telling you, if they work great for me, they will work awesome for you. I hope they help you catch more fish than ever before." - Skeet Reese, BASS Elite Tour Pro.

Designed closely with 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese, the Wright & McGill Skeet S-Curve Casting Rods feature a unique build process designed to create thinner blanks with increased durability and performance. The exclusive construction process combines T-Glass with high density graphite to form the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fiber are then woven into a combination of T-Glass and high density graphite to produce a rod that is extremely strong and has increased compression resistance. The blank is then wrapped with carbon tape and high density graphite to eliminate cracking and increase breaking strength. The end result is a rod series that is ultra-sensitive, extremely lightweight and designed to be stronger than traditional graphite rods.

In addition to featuring Skeet Reese's signature black and yellow coloring, the S-Curve Casting Rods also feature premium components, including zirconium oxide guides which help reduce the rod's weight and improve casting distance. The split-grip handle design also assists with weight reduction and combined with the large fighting butt delivers excellent balance and leverage. Furthermore, revolutionary molded rubber handles furnish anglers with incredible feel and a comfortable grip for long days on the water. Endorsed by one of the most successful bass anglers on tour and featuring an aggressive price tag, the Wright & McGill Skeet Reese S-Curve Casting rods provide the lightweight performance, durability and strength Skeet Reese demands from his go-to casting rods.

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All Wright & McGill rod warranties must go directly through Wright & McGill. For more information please visit www.eagleclaw.com/warranty

Comments: I fish everyday and these are the best rods I've ever used. Ive been through 3 but it was my fault they broke just because putting them in and out of my truck. Mistakes are made. I'm going to pick up 2 of the spinning versions Friday. Tight lines! !!

From: Hunter: St. Pauls, NC 6/17/14

Comments: I have used this rod for over a year now and like it better all the time. I often fish for largemouth bass with Senkos and have never had a rod action is perfect for working these lures from the cast and hook set to getting the fish into the boat. It may not be as light weight as some other casting rods, but I don't worry about the rod failing when working a big bass out from heavy weeds. Lately, I paired it with the Daiwa Tatula Type R in 8 to 1 speed and for ripping Strike King Rage Tail Shad over the surface of shad boils, and the rod performs well there, too.

From: Vince: Tucson, AZ 5/31/14

Comments: I found some of these rods at a discount store in Somerset, KY, a few years ago.  I had never fished any Wright-McGill rods before, but the fishing supply store had these rods priced so low I couldn't pass up the chance.  I purchased the "Tessera A"/Jerk Bait/Topwater model.  This is a very versatile rod that can be used for small to medium crankbaits also.  I saw the same rods in WalMart priced nearly $30 higher.  I've had the rod for three years, and I have never experienced any durability or quality issues.  I mounted a Shimano Curado cranking reel on this rod, and the balance is incredible!!!  Great product and an unbeatable value!!! 

From: John: Knoxville, TN 5/20/14

Comments: I swear by these rods. I own 3 of them. I have 2 of the 8' flipping rods and a 7'2" jig/worm rod. I love them. The big 8 footers are great rods to flip with. They have a lot of backbone and a very soft tip. Then the rod goes straight to backbone. The 8' is also great for throwing my hudds and my spro bbz-1 6" swimbaits. The jig/worm rod is a great all-around rod. You can throw anything in it. I use a lot of jigs, crankbaits and I texas rig a lot of baits on it. If you are looking at a new rod, buy one if these. You will never go back. I know that I will never own a different kind if rod ever again. If Wright and McGill goes out of business, I will stick up and buy 30 of them!

From: Zach: MI 5/13/14

Comments: I have the spinner bait/worm rod and it is amazing it is really light sensitive and all around a great rod

From: Josh: IL 3/23/14

Comments: Just WOW...I have had this rod for a while and it has not had any problems... It is EXTREMELY light-weight and literally casts baits a mile. Also, the price is AMAZING for the quality of the rod... Best rod i have ever owned. Overall Rating: 10/10

From: Riley: USA 3/11/14

Comments: Picked up the 7'2" jig/worm. This rod's sensitivity is horrible. A lot heavier compared to other rods. I can't believe all the good reviews. Do yourself a favor and invest a little more for a better rod. You will know what I am talking about if you have used mid-high end rods.

From: Unknown: San Diego, CA

Comments: 7'6" pitchin stick is really a all around flipping rod. It has a lot of power! If your look for a flipping rod to cover every aspect of hvy to light cover flipping and even punching this rod will do it. I'll be honest its not super light but its well balance. For the price I guaranty you be happy. 

From: Javi: CA, Delta

Comments: I have three of these rods and planing on buying more. They are lightweight and very durable.
I have only had one break on me when I tried to bring in a 15+ lb snakehead. My favorite rod is the 7' crankin stick. Its sensitive to feel every rock, stump, and stick and still have the power to pull in some huge bass, snakeheads and catfish that call the Potomac river home.

From: Bobby: Woodbridge, VA

Comments: I've owned the 7'0" s glass for 3 years and have caught some monsters on lake falcon , fork and Sam Rayburn throwing 6 XD cranks. The rod has held up great other than fading from being in the sun . I do believe that putting a rod sock on your rods and taking care of them helps a ton .

From: Jake: flint,tx

Comments: Bought the spinnerbait/worm model to use as a backup and for the old lady to use.  Broke my avid when the ratchet strap came loose in the back of the truck and the trolling motor battery fell on it.  Sent the avid back, I am using the skeet reese rod and the old lady is using the avid.

From: Frank: PA

Comments:  I own 2 of these rods, the 7' 2 jig/worm and the 7''6 swim bait/Carolina rod. Both are great rods. I went with  these rods after breaking two Abu Garcias and haven't looked back. The jig rod is sensitive and long enough to make a good cast and the swim bait rod, in my opinion, is better suited for deep diving cranking. I love launching 6xds, DD22s, and 10xds on this guy. Only problem with these rods is that the color will fade after a while if you fish like I do. But honestly, I'm grateful for that. Wish they came in all black.

From: Andrew: Murray, KY

Comments: I have had a couple of these 7'Glass Skeet Reece rods for a good while now. They have performed well at their price point pulling baits like Rapala DT6 to DT10 type baits. I am using the Skeet reel with them as well spooled with Seaguar 15lb Invisix Flurocarbon and no problems yet. A light glass combo that has so far has done a good job. I carried them to Table Rock for a week and fished them quite a bit throwing the cranks mentioned above with excellent results during the cast and retrieve. At a price of under $200.00 for the combo it does a excellent job! Thanks! T.W.

From: Michael: Ripley Tennessee

Comments: Best rod i have ever purchased for $49.99 on sale. Spinner bait/ worm rod is better suited for cranking, which is what i use it for and believe me its nice. Wish they made the same rod in a 7' 5"

From: Mike: Canada

Comments: I bought the flippin/pitch rod, straight out of the box I was very pleased. Took it to the lake, and loved it. I took it to a lake with alot of perminant docks, and I could flip that jig wherever i wanted to with ease. The rod being so much longer, it let me be able to flip up to 4 and 5 feet farther than my partner. Very pleased with this rod.

From: Brody: Pendleton, SC

Comments: I own the 7ft 2in jig and worm rod and i could not be more happy with it. I use this rod for carolina rigs, and fishing finesse jigs as well as weightless jerk baits and other misc baits. it is my all around rods for practically all plastics or jigs. a must have for the serious angler.Also i am planning on getting the 7ft 6in pitching rod for heavier jigs and punching/ flipping. Can't wait!

From: Tyler: Cincinnati, OH

Comments: the "Spinnerbait/Worm" is the best rod in this lineup. I am a spinnerbiat nut, and this rod has the best action i have ever felt for spinnerbaits. It has the give where it needs and has more than enough power to drag big fish out of pads and grass. in my experience most spinnerbait rods shut down too quickly. this one does not. i can chunk and wind all day with this rod and feel very little fatigue. never have i been able to do that before. the action also lends to fewer dropped fish. Makes a great inshore rod for reds & specs too.

From: OneLastBass: LA

Comments: I have the Spinnerbait/worm rod.  Rod has the perfect action for spinnerbaits and cast them a mile with the soft tip it has. But I wouldn't recommend it for a worm rod. I like a stiffer rod with a faster action tip for worming. But thats just my preference. 

From: Doug: SC

Comments: own 11 of these rods,all different technic's,if you use them what their designed for they work quite well,these rods load perfectly,i have not lost a fish since i purchased my first one,only had a issue with i rod over the 5-6 years,reel seat came loose on crankin rod,w&m
replaced it for free,i since have purchased 2 ofthe rick clunn

From: hd: Lomira, WI

Comments: i have two of these rods the the topwater and the flippin and pitchin there both good so fare ive had my topwater for over a year and have had no problems with it and caught a thirty pound white seabass on the flipp and pitch rod and it handled it no problem not what you want for wsb but it got the fish on the deck

Comments: I had my doubts but at this price I had to try one. I got the topwater/jerkbait rod. Its great! It loads like a dream on casts, pretty small baits too. I use it for lighter spinnerbaits, strike king series 3 crankbaits, and finess swim jigs/scroungers. Ive examined these rods closely in the store and they are not all winners but this one is. I have way too many rods to use during every outing but this one almost always makes it onto the deck. I cant describe how much I love throwing baits w/this rod.

From: Nathan: Pasco, WA

Comments: love this rod but its heavy and i get tired easy when using it i have the 7 foot 2 jig/worm rod and everything is good on it but its heavy and i have the skeet reese reel on it and i dont like the reel it maks noise and backlashes

From: Hunter: St. Pauls, NC

Comments: Great rod and does not cost too much. I really like the back bone and how it feels with my ardent F-700 and 20 lbs. fluorocarbon. I flip in logs and all kinds of stuff in ponds and lakes and don't have any problems. I have even used it for catfish and it seems like i was cheating. I have two Skeet Rods and will be getting the alabama rig one soon

From: Grant: Auburn, AL

Comments: i broke the 7'6" swimbait/C-Rig in half rite above the first guide ripping a swimbait out of grass.

From: Josh: Meifee, CA

Comments: Sure it's a cheaper rod and looks cool... Mine snapped on about the sixth cast as so many other of these have done.

From: Nick: LaGrange, GA

Comments: Not happy.. thought it was a great rod, I fish with it all the time and loved it but it popped today pulling a 1 1/2 lb bass in on a 1.5 crankbait...  I'd rather buy something that would last than have to buy over and over.  Had All Stars for years and they never broke on me.   Very disappointed.  Looks like I'll have to get a Duckett.

From: Jennifer: Converse, LA

Comments: Overall a pretty good rod. I own 2, the mag crankbait and the heavy cover honeycomb. The cranking rod is pretty heavy and will wear on your wrists if your throwing them all day but you can chunk a mile with them and the guides on the honeycomb one are pretty crappy they bend really easy and one broke close to the tip. But pretty good rods for the money.

From: Justin: Meridian, MS

Comments: I've had a pair of the Shimano CT50's since they were first introduced back in '91. I recently added them to a pair of modern rods, the Tessera model 7' medium action spinnerbait/worm rods. This action is great for target shooting, splashless soft presentations with 1/4oz and 3/8 oz. spinnerbaits. I've dressed the reels with 30lb test Power Pro braid and the drags are set to 12lbs. The true enjoyment here is I feel like I'm using an ultra-lite trout rig and banging broad shouldered Bass in the Cal Delta like serving tea and crumpits. The big ones don't even scare me because these reels are so tough. And after good mantenance, still cast like new. I'm a long time devotee of these models and I'm sure anyone who already owns one or more is as well.

From: L.J.: Sacramento, CA

Comments: People who talk down on these rods simply don't know how to treat their tackle. I own the 6'8" Jerkbait/Topwater rod, and it is easily one of my favorite rods in my arsenal. It beats out many other rods, including St Croix's (Legend Tournaments and Mojo's) Abu Garcia's (Verdict AND Veritas) and many others. This rod was given to my by a good friend of mine about a year ago who just passed away. RIP Vinny. Since then it has caught me a ton of fish and has performed flawlessly. A great squarebill rod, especially for the KVD series squarebills, launches them a mile. It has the perfect taper and blend of backbone to be able to hammer the hooks home for 40 yard away but still keep the fish buttoned. Very lightweight as well. The guides aren't exceptional, but I haven't experienced a problem with them yet. The paintjob isn't phenomenal, and I've noticed some paint chipping off in places. However, that's the only negative thing I've noticed. I've relied on this rod to help me perform in tournaments, and it has not failed me. Perfect jerkbait and small crank rod, highly recommended. I'll certainly be picking more up in the future, I really look forward to getting my hands on some of the Micro Guide series.

From: Zach: Ramsey, NJ

Comments:  Bought the frog rod and action was great until first fish about 5lb and the reel seat broke loose.  Build quality is poor
and will not buy any more.

From: Lynn: Yuma, AZ

Comments: Absolute best reel for the money! im only 14 so whenever i get extra money i buy these! almost got every one. the crankbait rods are a little more flimsy than i like buy still great!

Comments: this is not a good worm rod personally i like a stiff rod for worms and texas rigs.. Not a good rod for that at all. Awesome carolina rig rod, lipless crank, squarebill, walk the dog, and especially spinnerbaits and you can feel wvery movement it has when u throw a chatteebait on it! All in all its a great rod.. I have this one and my friend has the jig/worm rod it is an awesome texas rig rod, just alittle heavy

From: Jacob

Comments: Have the 7' S Glass crankin rod and it is a great rod. I prefer the feel of glass when cranking so i decided to try one of these out. Extremely impressed with the action and taper of the rod. For the money, i would recommend these rods to anyone.

From: Cole: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Awesome rods for the money. I own 18 now and i have caught everything from 30 pound flatheads 20 pound stripers all the down to crappie and have not had a problem yet and i have been fishing them since they came out. The compare to many of the 150 dollar class rods i have purchased and they seem very durable as i have put them to the test. I did have the eye of one of my 8ft flipping sticks pop out but they replaced the rod at no charge. If you want a good rod without breaking the bank these are the way to go. I have picture to prove those big fish to if anyone thinks its just a fish story lol.

From: Wes: Kentucky Lake, TN

Comments: I bought the spinnerbait/worm model.  I use it for spinnerbaits, squarebill cranks, lipless cranks, and for tossing a Spook and it works great for all of these.  No complaints so far.  Been using it for over a year. 

From: Jim: Paris, TN

Comments: I have the 7' crankin and the 7' 2" jig/worm rod and i love them both. the crankin rod has the perfect action for medium to deep cranks. if you throw alot of square bills and shallow runners you may want something with a little more backbone. the only compliant i have with either rod is that they are a little bit on the heavy side. but still have good sensitivity. cant beat them for the price

From: Chip: Siler City, NC

Comments: Actually, this rod's sensitivity is one of it's selling points! This rod, which I have 5 of now, is very sensitive but it still has a very good backbone to haul in big fish. Excellent rod for the money.

From: Tom" North Charleston, SC

Comments: Is this rod sensitive enough for Texas rigged worms and jigs. Hope I get a response from someone.

From: Jacob: LA

Comments: i just got the spinnerbait/worm rod in yesterday...right out of the box i saw tht the first guide ring had been bent and it had popped out..no biggy i can fix tht...but besides tht the rod is fantastic, i love the soft tip i can feel everything my spinnerbait hits and the backbone is great i can cast a country mile with this set up...i have a shimano caenan paired with this rod and i couldnt ask for mor in a spinnerbait combo...good job skeet reese!

From: Jacob: Lakeland, FL

Comments: Will not buy a single one of these yellow rods again, I got my first one as a gift and it was ok, farm fleet had these on sale for around $50 so of course i bought 2 more... wish i hadnt done that, 2 of them have snapped in less than a full season of fishing. also the components are horrible, the rubber sleeve on the hand got all baggy, and is also slick, not grippy at all anymore. the handle doesnt meet properly with the real seat making it very uncomfortable. if you want a good rod for cheap get the vendetta. every component its better quality, and it is balanced unlike the tessera. almost forgot to mention, when you do break these and use the warranty it is a hassle, they dont want to give you a new rod, it was a real pain.

From: John: WI

Comments: My parents bought me one of these for a gift..They bought me the senko/toad model and it all started from there..If they wouldn't have bought me one i may not have ever tried one because at the time i was all carrot sticks..Well that all changed after i started using it..I beat on it pretty good and its still holding up good today, i can't say the same for my carrot stix as i just broke the last one i will ever buy..From a price stand point they are hard to beat..I now have 4 of them and so far they have all been good to me..best rod on the market of course not, get the job done on tx day yes sir..I will be adding more of them to my rod locker in the future if they keep holding up to all the abuse i give to them..tight lines

From: Brandon: Kingsland, GA

Comments: Bought a Jig/Worm and Senko/Toad 7'2" models of these rods and use them for swim jigging exclusively and they are wonderful. They don't need to be very sensitive for that kind of work and but feel enough and the power is brutal.

From: L.J.: Sac, CA

Comments: I have the 7' S-glass cranking rod and while I love the rod it has one very big problem with it. The reel seat can turn 360 degrees on the blank while you're fishing to the point where the eyes on the rod are pointing straight down like a spinning rod. I've only fished with this rod 2-3 times before this issue began happening. As I said I love this rod other then that, I can really sling a 6XD with this rod of I need to.

From: John: Evans, GA

Comments: I have the senko/toad rod and love it. Really light and affordable.

From: Dunnellon, FL

Comments: Spinnerbait/Worm rod is pretty decent I prefer a Duckett but a Duckett is 70$ more so good for the money.

From: Kyler: TX

Comments: i like the jig/ worm rod, love the swimbait/ carolina rig rod for swimjigs, and hate the 8 ft flipping stick, i used to like it but then it snapped. id like it a little more if it snapped on a nice fish, but when a flipping stick loses to a 14 inch largemouth, you lose some respect for it.

From: Max: WI

Comments: The 8' Flipping stick has the best action for flipping and no one has been able to match it and i have never heard of them breaking.... Awesome rod would reccomend, but personally dont like the rest of them :/

From: Samuel

Comments: i can honestly say im disappionted with this rod... i have the 7' 2" jig/worm and i can never hook up with the fish, the rod has great backbone, but the tip is so soft you could throw a crankbait on it without problem. but i can never get a good  hookset with this rod because of it... so go out and get a veritas or a carrot stix... you wont go back.

From: Matt: Carbondale, IL

Comments: I have the spinner/worm 7'. Man what I rod! You can feel every little bump and the action is great. I also have the swimbait/c-rig and the jig/worm. My next one will be the 7' crankin.

From: Jay: Meridian, MS

Comments: Update!I know own four different Tessera  rods and I love them all! I have other rods that are awesome, like the e21 gold stick and the Quantum smoke rod, but for the price, these rods are great! I haven't had any problems with any of them, especially since they moved the location of the hook keeper. They are very sensitive but all of them have a strong backbone. I've caught a ton of bass with these rods! Keep it up W & M!

From: Tom: N. Charleston, SC

Comments: Got the senko/toad rod a while back and the action is PERFECT for football and pitching jigs. I cracked every bass today where i was 5 or 35 yards out. FANTASTIC rod. great sensitivity as well

From: Matt: Miami, FL

Comments: I purchased the 7'2" jig/worm rod.  I LOVE IT!!!! I fished with me stepdads G-Loomis rod and other than a slight weight difference i feel no difference.  I haven't caught any bass yet weather has been too cold, but i have caught a ton of walleye and this rod performed flawlessly.  Tons of backbone and incredible sensitivity.  I would highly recomend these rods to weekend warriors and tournament pros alike.

From: Tyler: Bloomsburg, PA

Comments: It seems like there are way  more happy people that have had and/or used this rod than people who dislike it! My opinion...these rods are the perfect rods for a fisherman who doesnt wanna go in debt and still have money for tackle! haha but great rods very sensitive and very balance to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE the spinnerbait rod and shaky head!

Comments: decent rod, you get what you pay for. i would have liked it more if it was not skeet reese colors.

From: James: Toledo Bend, TX

Comments: Amazing rods!  Best all around I own.  Super, super sensative.  I beat the heck out of mine and they have held in there.  The line keeper being where it is at has had some issues bending because it got caught in my hoodie or shirt a few times.  Had one guide insert pop out...Glued it back in with no problems. Few dings in the yellow paint from tungsten bullet weights banging them.  Own like 10 will buy like 10 more.. Favorite rod so far for the money.

From: R

Comments: Good rod for the money, not as sensitive as I had hoped. Hook keeper positioned in the wrong spot. Like the eyes, cast great.

From: G: Fountain Inn, SC

Comments: Very good rod is a little tip heavy but all around cant beat them for the price! The Senko Toad rod is great for jigs!

From: Hunter: Virginia, USA

Comments: i have the 7 2 senko toad and i love it. its great for frogging and brings the fish right up out of the water. very strong.

From: Ryan: Lake Villa, IL

Comments: The 7' s glass crankbait rod is probably the only one of these yellow things you'll see in my hand.  As a tournament angler who throws shallow to mid depth cranks I can say I like this rod for those mid-diving baits in the  3/8 1/2 ounce weight range.  Rod casts good and long and pretty accurate for tight little roll casts too.  I like the feel of the handle.  Most important thing is that the hooksets are good and the action keeps a hot fish buttoned.

From: Ryan: Southern California

Comments: I am really surprised that Skeet Reese backed these rods.  He is even going to be using their reels which I hope are not as low quality as these rods.  They are not balanced well and are lacking in sensitivity.  The rods for sale in stores can't be the same blanks he is using.  Spend another 25 bucks and buy a Falcon

From: Dan: Osage Beach, MO

Comments: Well i see a lot of hate and a lot of love personal preference boys, i picked up a few of these rods myself and i do a lot of tournament fishing and these rods are nice for the price, affordable for me, and tough, im 23 right out of college and they work great i got a s glass crankin rod and love the feel of every piece of grass and every rock and stump i hit, def worth it i recommend anyone looking at this rod to pick one up and try it. ideal for young anglers with little money to spend and looking for a grade A rod. I also have the Flipping stick and cannot complain one bit its not to stiff so you wont break the line on a hard hookset and tough enough to pull those 5lb donkeys out of some cover. thanks a lot wright and mcgill and of course Skeet reese and Tackle warehouse. Take it easy guys.

From: Steve: Pennsylvania, USA

Comments: I purchased the carolina/swimbait rod.... I love it for the price you cant beat it, I've used it all day and never got tired out due to  excessive weight either.

From: Larry: Fairfield, CT

Comments: I started out with the worm rod and loved it. I now own the flippin rod, crankbait rod, and I am looking forward to buying the microguide rods! These rods have become my "go to" rods!

From: Tom: Charleston, SC

Comments: The workmanship on these rods is not consistent. the guides are poorly placed on most of them. i bought 2 and returned both. i added some $$'s and bought shimano's. same price range and the workmanship is flawless. you get what you pay for--

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments: I have four of these rods. I've used them all year and have caught a lot of fish - in the 8 pound range, in very thick cover - without a problem. Lets be honest, its very light, one of the lightest on the market! They have more backbone than anything else that I've fished with. As far as sensitivity goes, I think they could be a little more sensitive, but I could feel everything at 38 feet. However, some of the guides seem to be placed poorly on the blank, I don't know if that really affects your casting distance or not. I think they are one of, if not the best rod on the market, and not just for the price. I would say read the reviews of other rods and come up with your own conclusion.

From: Ryan: Arkansas, USA

Comments:I have the 8 ft flip/pitch rod and it is a brute. Pulled many large bass and a slew of moderately sized pike with no problems. This rod has a lot of backbone and I had no problem throwing large spinner baits, jigs, even some deep diving crankbaits also. The 8 ft length is nice for casting, not the lightest rod ever but very sensitive rod and the pricing can't be beat. I love my Tessera! For the carrot stix's owners, have you seen what happens to a carrot that's been sitting in the heat? My only suggestion for W&M, consider upgrading the guides and sell this for a little more and you have an untouchable, unstoppable rod.

From:Eugene: Glenview, IL

Comments:I own the senko/toad, jig/worm and the spinnerbait/worm rod. These are the best rods I have ever purchased. Just nice to see someone put a rod out there that doesn't cost 200+ dollars. I will all the rods show great sensitivity and good backbone to key components for catching and landing bass. These rods have been so versatile to use on anything from a 3/16 oz small creature bait to a 1/2 oz 10 inch worm just to show a few examples. Thanks to W&M for making a affordable high quality rod with a warranty, it has greatly improved my fishing abilities this year.

From:Steve: Independence, MO

Comments:I purchased the Pitchin/ flippin rod and all I can say is wow. It has great feel and the number of guides on it make it effortless. For a $90 rod it is as good or better than most. I also use this rod to cast some baits up to 1 oz and does it get them out there.

From:Ed: Grayslake, IL

Comments:I just purchased tne 8' Flippin/Pitchin rod, very sensitive and well balanced, however the rod tip eyelet is of very poor design. It has an abrasive groove on each of the sides, seems to leave slight burrs on line.

From:Nathan: Lewiston, ID

Comments:This 7'10" tessera rod is sweet and for $90 its even sweeter. It is a fairly heavy rod but really, what do you expect an 8 foot glass rod to weigh? It is flexible in the upper half for launching your crankbaits and for fighting fish but it has a solid lower half that can drive the hook into a bass's mouth.

From:Matt: Miami, FL

Comments:I got the 8ft Flipping stick this weekend and I have to tell you this is a steal for the money they are great rods. They are light, very tough, and well balanced. Don't listen to any of the haters because they spent $150+ on a rod and isn't as good as these. I'm going to be replacing all my rods with these.

From:Jim: Newark, DE

Comments:I have two of the crankin rods. One 7' and one 7'10" launcher. I am very happy with the 7' rod. It's pretty light and the action allows you to cast a 1/2oz trap a mile with the right reel on. One the retrieve, I have no problems feeling the growing grass, rocks, stumps, ect. The 7'10" is big and heavy. duh right. Although its heavy. its not unbearable. I am younger (22yrs) but pretty small and I had no problem for in throwing series 5 and 6 crankbaits for 5 hrs straight.

7' handled the hard pullin smallmouths very well and sloppy bucketmouths even bettter. Didn't get a fight on the launcher, fish were too shallow to use it.I definitely agree with Reese on the action of rods and will proly going to buying one of the Senko/frogs rods soon. Let you know what I think on that as well.

I do recommend. However, you are not buying a g-loomis, carrot stix, or quantum tour, or whatever else is out there for $150+ Can't judge them along side it. You are paying half the price and getting 80% as good a rod. Choice seems simple to me.

From:Darren: Oneida Lake, NY

Comments:Everyone is giving these rods good reviews because Skeet Reese. I am a fan of Skeet, and he fishes with Abu Garcia reels. But I wouldn't fish with these rods if they were given to me. I picked several up at a local tackle shop to see what all the fuss was about and I tell you these rods are too heavy to fish with. They have no balance at all. But hey, you get what you pay for! I'm sticking with Falcon Rods.

From:Jarvis: Albany, GA

Comments:I bought one of these rods to match my abu garcia skeet reese reel, I must say I've fished with 20 dollar rods that out performed the s curve. Could barely even feel the bottom of the lake let alone feel fish. After to trips out with this rod I took and back in exchange for another st, croix - hard to go wrong their. For the same price the mojo bass is a much better buy.

From:C.J.: Columbia, MO

Comments:I have ten of these rods, two cranking, one worm, two spinnerbaits, three jerkbaits, one flippin & one shakie head. These rods are very strong and light as a weekend angler the price is great. I would compare these rods to any 150.00 or 200.00 dollar rods and you would not know the difference. These are the hottest rods on the market right now, I see more yellow rods on the water then anything. I would endorse these rods. I'm sure he has made more money off these rods then any other angler. They are great, I love them, going to buy some more.

From:Chris: Birmingham, AL

Comments:I have five of these rods and have only had them for a couple of months and the eye fell out of one and broke another one setting the hook on a fish. Not pleased at all with the quality of the rods.

From:Aaron: Arkansas, USA

Comments:Wow is all I can say, got the crackin rod and I think its 10 times better then my Loomis crackin rod!!!!!!!

From:Jack: Phoenix, AZ

Comments:These rods are freakin awesome...but, there's a little problem, you see I have contacted Wright and Mcgill about it and I get no response. First let me start off by giving the guys from Tackle Warehouse their props for outstanding customer service, that's why I keep coming back. So back to my gripe, I waited for the first run of these rods to come out...and I'm not gonna lie but the price point had to do a lot with it, and the fact that the "Killer Bee" himself, the California Boy Skeet was going to use the exact same product being sold out in stores was just the clincher....but you see just because it's a $90 rod, does that mean that we the consumers don't expect quality? don't get me wrong...the rod as far as sensitivity and power are great, Im talking about the workmanship and the quality control the company making these rods lack...its found up and down the blank. The guides are the problem, the guides are either crooked, off center, leaning to the left or to the right, and this, Im told affects your casting distance.

From:Roger: Ontario, CA

Comments:I have the jig and worm rod. I caught two catfish over 20lbs. while fishing for largemouth on the Potomac River. I yanked em right in the boat. Plenty of backbone and nice tip. I love these rods, I am planning on upgrading my whole arsenal to these. I just wish they were a little lighter but for under $100 its a no brainer.

From:T.Stine: Southern Maryland, USA

Comments:I have the entire line up of these rods and multiples of several actions I have used these rods extensively several days out of every week. Anyone knocking these rods obviously doesn't own any. I was skeptical when I first started using these rods, now they are as Gary Klien says "an extension of your body", these rods are light and they have plenty of backbone, the right actions for the specified uses and are very durable. for the money there are no better rods on the market. Try one or twenty for your arsenal, I promise you will not be sorry.

From:Ronnie: Virginia, USA

Comments:I just bought the 7�6 (Carolina & Swim Bait Model) First trip out with this pole and it performed superbly. I was able to fish a Carolina rig in over 50ft of water. The sensitivity is simply amazing, and it can haul the big ones in just fine. With the extra guides installed it has more than enough back bone, and casting accuracy.

From:David: Hemet, CA

Comments:One of the best rods I have every seen for $80 . If you are looking buy a new rod this is the one.


Comments:I have 4 of these rods and I love them all. I have a 7' spinner bait/worm, 7 foot crank bait, 7'2" jig/worm, and the 8' flippin/pitchin rod. I have had all of these rods for about 4 months now and have fished them hard and have yet to have a single problem. I had Carrot Stix ltx rods and in 4 months I broke 5 of them all in the same place right next to the first guide on the butt end of the rod due to hook sets and even just casting. That is why I switched over to the Tessera's and I'm sure glad I did. They are heavier by just a little bit but not much and really not noticeable to me once I got my reels on them and they are very sensitive. The handles are very nice too. We fish an Illinois cooling lake and it has been through the rigors of all weather conditions. Hot hot days all the way down to fishing in 10 degree weather and having the guides freeze over frequently and the rods have been flawless.

From:Brian: Illinois, USA

Comments:Don't buy these rods, they break! People say they are comparible to the carrot stix, no way, I have a couple and carrots don't brake. Same look but not the same blank as Skeet Reese uses. If he used these, he never would of won the classic.

From:Jack:Illinois, USA

Comments:I bought several of these rods and don't believe the hype. Waste of money, can't believe Skeet approves these rods. NO back bone two of the 4 I bought broke at the tip when working fish (not even big fish). Very disappointing.

From:John: Fresno, CA

Comments:I got this rod for Christmas a couple hours ago and it is the most sensitive rod I've ever owned. It's not as light as the carrot stix but it is a very comparable rod to the high end of fishing rods, I love it cant wait to take it out fishin.

From:Walker: Florida, USA

Comments:Great rod. Light, Well Balanced, Surprising Backbone and Outstanding Price. Easily rivals my G-Loomis and St. Croix.


Comments:I bought the 7'2" Jig/Worm rod and it is a very nice rod, it feels a little heavier then some other rods when you pick it up. When you are fishing, it feels just like any other rod,it is very sensitive,strong and the guides hold up really well. BUT, be prepared to get laughed at because of the color, but just remember you'll be the one laughing with a trophy in your hands.

From:Matt: Miami, FL

Comments:I have purchased the Tessera Cast Rod 7' spinnerbait/worm rod. I was very interested in the price when I ordered it. I have rods that I have paid 200.00 to 350.00 and sometimes when fishing off the beaten paths I would be a little hesitant to use them. But what a surprise when I got this rod in and fished with it. It is light and handles the fish I have caught with ease. I would recommend this rod to anyone, it fishes just as well as the high end rods. I will order a couple of more for spinnerbat, buzz baits. And yes I will use them in any tounament that I fish. I will give this rod a 5 star in price and in quality.

From:Jeff: Osceola, AR

Comments:I like this rod. it is very solid and does the job. I have the 7ft. crankbait rod, good rod for the price.

From:Chris: New York, USA

Comments:I have the whole lineup as I am upgrading all of my rods and reels. I am on a tight budget with 2 babies and these are great rods. They are superior to any other rod in their price range and compare very well to some of the higher end models. The action and power are very appropriate for the specified applications! Cannot go wrong with this purchase.

From:Bryan: Dacula, GA

Comments:I love this rod! I have the crankbait rod and I throw everything from small 1/4 oz crankbaits to big 3/4 oz wakebaits and it handles it all. The rod is very light, and well balanced, this is definitely the best rod for the money. I compared it to the St. Croix mojo (with all due respect, because it is a great rod also) and it was no contest, paired with the Revo SX it is the perfect combo.

From:David: Central Florida, USA

Comments:I use these rods to fish in the salt flats, I bought the senko toad rod (7,2 med fast action) and I use it to throw all my topwater lures from 1/2 to 1.5 ounce. The Tessera is a great rod, has handled big 32" snook, and plenty of trout no problems what so ever. Line can sometimes get caught and wrapped around the hook keeper.

From:Max: Ft. Pierce, FL

Comments:I purchased the crankbait S-glass rod a short while ago. When I first picked up the rod I thought it was rather flimsy. A friend of mine taught me the benefits of the rod so I went forward with the purchase. I used to use a medium rod for my lighter crankbaits, and a medium heavy for my heavy/deep diving crankbaits. The day I used this rod I noticed that it handled all of my crankbaits. From my smallest/lightest, to my heavier deep diving crankbaits. I couldn't believe it. I wasn't swithing rods from one area of the lake to the other. This eleviated the need to purhase two rods and two reels. This is a fantastic rod for the money. I'm looking forward to purchasing more from the same line.

From:Alfredo: Ontario, CA

Comments:I have the 7'2" jig/worm, nice rod almost as light as my carrot stix 7'3". I like the long grip, and I didn't have to add tape like I did on my carrot stix. Good action, perfect for T-rigs,shakey heads, jigs and up to 1 oz swim baits. The cons about this rod is the weak cheeze rod tip(bends easy), a higher quality one would be better. The hook keeper needs to be closer to reel seat, if used for flipping/pitching, the line wraps around and gets caught in it. Overall I like it. Nice price.

From:Jerry: Tucson, AZ

Comments:7ft Cranking rod: This is an update to my recent post. The cranking rod works very well with a 1/4 oz crank. Please disregard my last post in reference to 1/2 oz or larger cranks. This past weekend, I was casting 1/4 Little Johns with no problems. I love this rod and for the purchase price, it's spot on for quality and value.

From:Bryan: Fortson, GA

Comments:Got the 7' spinnerbait/worm rod. Overall, a very good rod for the money. It is very light and comfortable. The action is just about right for its intended use. I've used it for spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, texas-rigged worms, and tubes so far and it seems to be a good all-around rod, although I would never flip a jig with it. The 13 guides seems excessive, but Skeet probably knows better than I do. I think it compares favorably to my TD Light and Tough. Only small complaint (besides the obnoxious color) is that you can hear the guides and hook keeper creak just a little bit when the rod is flexed. If that doesn't turn out to be an issue, I would definitely buy another one.

From:Rick: Iowa, USA

Comments:7' crankin rod: very stiff from the butt section through 3/4 of the rod. The tip is soft if you use a 1/2 oz or larger crankbait. This rod will not work as a secondary pitching or flippin rod.

From:Bryan: Fortson, GA

Comments: I bought the 8' flip to fish grass. If you like rods that are as stiff as broom handels, look no further. I have a 1 1/4 oz flippin weight and it barely bends the tip. I like the rod and knowing I can pull fish from grass without issue is a huge plus. If you buy this rod, plan on using a very heavy weight. The rod itself is even marked 3/4 to 2 oz weights.

From:Bryan: Fortson, GA

***Note: If you have questions about this product or need assistance with an order please email your questions to info@tacklewarehouse.com

Rod Handle Length:
Tackle Warehouse measures its rod handle lengths from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ Diagram ]

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W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 6'8" Jerk Bait/Topwater

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 8-17lb 1/8-1/2oz 9+Tip Tessera A
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14-3/4" $89.99
Tessera A

W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7' Spinnerbait/Worm

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 10-20lb 1/4-3/4oz 12+Tip Tessera C
Click to View
15-3/4" $89.99
Tessera C

/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 6'4" Med Hvy Jig/Worm

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1oz 9+Tip Tessera H
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15-1/4" $89.99
Tessera H


/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 6'6" Mag Crankbait

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 8-18lb 1/8-3/4oz 9+Tip Tessera H
Click to View
15-1/4" $99.99
Tessera H


/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'2" Jig/Worm

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1oz 10+Tip Tessera D
Click to View
15-1/4" $89.99
Tessera D


/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'2" Senko/Toad

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 8-20lb 1/8-1/2oz 10+Tip Tessera E
Click to View
15-1/2" $89.99
Tessera E


/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'6" Pitchin' Stik

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 12-30lb 3/8-1 1/2oz 12+Tip Tessera E
Click to View
15-1/2" $89.99
Tessera E

/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'6" Swimbait/C-Rig

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 10-25lb 1/4-1oz 12+Tip Tessera F
Click to View
16-1/2" $89.99
Tessera F

1/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'10" Mag Cranking Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 10-20lb 1/2-1oz 11+Tip Tessera B
Click to View
16" $99.99
Tessera B

WMESRCB710C1. S-Glass.

1/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 7'11" Punch Rod

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Extra Fast 50-80lb Braid 1-4oz 9+Tip Tessera I
Click to View
22" $89.99
Tessera I

1/W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 8' Flip/Pitch

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Med-Fast 15-30lb 3/8-2oz 13+Tip Tessera G
Click to View
16-1/4" $89.99
Tessera G

WMESRFP80C1. 8' Flip/Pitch Video

W&M S-Curve Cast Rod 8' Magnum Swimbait

Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Type Handle Length Price Stock Qty
Fast 20-40lb 1-3oz 12+Tip Tessera J
Click to View
23" $89.99
Tessera J

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