"Don't think for a moment this rod isn't great because of the price. Because if it wasn't, I wouldn't jeopardize my career by using them. So I'm telling you, if they work great for me, they will work awesome for you. I hope they help you catch more fish than ever before." - Skeet Reese, BASS Elite Tour Pro.

The Wright & McGill Skeet S-Curve Spinning Rods were designed closely with 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese and feature a unique build process designed to create thinner blanks with increased durability and performance. The distinctive build process combines T-Glass with high density graphite to form the core of the blank. Carbon yarn, PBO fiber and glass fiber are then woven into a combination of T-Glass and high density graphite to produce a rod blank that is extremely strong and has increased compression resistance. Lastly, the blank is wrapped with carbon tape and high density graphite to eliminate cracking and increase breaking strength. The end result is a rod series that is ultra-sensitive, extremely lightweight and designed to be stronger than traditional graphite rods.

The Wright & McGill Skeet Reese S-Curve Spinning Rods wouldn't be complete without premium components though, including zirconium oxide guides for reduced weight and improved casting distance. The split-grip handle design also assists with weight reduction and combined with the large fighting butt delivers excellent balance and leverage. Furnishing all day comfort and a secure grip, the revolutionary molded rubber handles are designed not to dampen the sensitivity emanating into the angler's hands. Complete with Skeet's signature black and yellow coloring, the Wright & McGill S-Curve Spinning Rods provide the ultimate in technique specific performance for an extremely reasonable price.

All Wright & McGill rod warranties must go directly through Wright & McGill. For more information please visit www.eagleclaw.com/warranty

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I own two of these rods. Both are 6'11 Mediums that I use for numerous applications from weightless senko, shaky heads, cranks & jigs. I have been impressed with these rods over the years. These rods have handed 8lb bass, 20lb carp & 10lb catfish. These rods have a very sensitive and soft tip but the backbone to set the hook well.

From: Thomas: Apex, NC 7/18/16

Comments: I have about 10 these s-curve rods & love them a lot I put rods throw some tough stuff so yea I got both spinning rods and almost every casting rod love um but the quality isint to good but that's W&M falt they just don't take enough time on them so some of the eyes aren't the best and why they don't use fuji eyes I don't like that but their good sensitive light but strong I've cought two 4lbers & one almost 5 i bet they all performed amazingly and the s-glass rod got me my our dig fish on a tournament to that was good the other one was on a resivore using a spinner bait realying by a stump that spinner bait worm rod is amazing I love it soon I'm gana upgrade to the victory rods hope their good thanks skeet you the best


Comments: this is my third season of fishing this rod and it still performs flawlessly. Love the semi-parabolic bend & have caught dozens of largemouth with rod. A great testament to the durability of this rod occurred recently when I foul hooked a 25 lb grass carp in the tail while throwing a small lipless crank. Rod was bent full out for the fifteen minutes it took to land this horse on 8# line. No complaints about this rod whatsoever.

From: Mike: Aurora, IL 6/17/15

Comments: I'm pretty hard on a rod I'm a bank fisherman since I can't afford a luxury boat and I know I've dropped this rod on rocks and shale plenty of times and I have snapped a tip off "in a boat" the top guide got caught on a guide and popped it off but I've caught everything from 18 inch smallies pike trout crappie on everything from small jerk baits and swim baits to senkos and drop shots this rid can do it in the right hands. 7'2" senkodropshot

From: Jacob: CO 12/23/14

Comments: Had the shakey head/senko rod and the tip snapped just like everyone else described swinging a 14in bass in the boat. Lifting/swinging a 1-1.5 lb bass is standard duty. Happened to far too many people to be coincidence.poor construction, not to mention poor warranty. I replaced it with a St. Croix Mojo Bass and couldn't be happier. Would not recommend this rod.

From: Keith: Winchester, VA 3/16/14

Comments: Great shakyhead rod!

From: Nate

Comments: I own the 7' 2" drop shot/ split shot rod and all I can say is WOW!!! It is super sensitive that i can literally feel the slightest tick from a bluegill.  Trust me when I say this rod is SUPER sensitive.

From: Mike: Fort Collins, CO

Comments: Broke mine in a tournament as well on a 7 pound bass in the Lilly pads under the 3rd eye this rod is a waste of money

From: Daniel: AL

Comments: Fished with my 6'11" spinning rod for only the 3rd time on Saturday and it was in a tournament. Broke the rod under the 3rd eye setting the hook on a 14" dink. Needless to say, that ruined my whole day. Hard to pay $30 plus shipping for a replacement knowing that it will probably happen again.

From: Jody: Lake Lanier, GA

Comments: I have several of these spinning and casting Tessera rods. I love these rods and have never broken one until i landed a fish and stepped on it. The shakey head rod is the best rod ive ever used! Great price and quality for $90 bucks! Will be buying more of these in a few weeks! thanks SKEET!

From: Allen: Lynchburg, VA

Comments: I own the 6'11" shaky head & 7'2" drop shot spinning models and the 7' & 7'10" crankin models. I have not had any issues to date with these rods! Very good quality and price point. the sensitivity is not quite as well as other manufacturers... but the other rods that are more sensitive cost more! I am a fisherman that uses the rod to feel the fish, then set the hook and swim the fish to the boat. Rods are not designed to be used as a hoist or leverage tools, that what dip nets are made for! Great rods! Thanks! W.M. & T.W.!

From: Michael: Ripley, TN

Comments:I've been fishing for 20 years and have never busted a rod lifting a 1.5lb bass out of the water with a rod until I used the Tessera. I've used Quantum, Daiwa, Falcon, Shimano and All Star. I loved the rod up until that point. I called the company and had nothing less than a bad experience with customer relations. I was thinking of getting a whole set of the rods until that happened. I'm not sure if it was a bad rod but I don't feel I should pay shipping and 30 dollars for a new one. The rod was less than 2 months old and was treated like a baby. Hopefully I hear back from you guys and keep me as a customer. Thanks

From:Jeff: Westland, MI

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