"Don't think for a moment this rod isn't great because of the price. Because if it wasn't, I wouldn't jeopardize my career by using them. So I'm telling you, if they work great for me, they will work awesome for you. I hope they help you catch more fish than ever before." - Skeet Reese, BASS Elite Tour Pro.

Designed closely with 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese, the Wright & McGill S-Glass Casting Rods feature their own unique Tri-Gressive S-Glass construction. The blank construction uses a combination of three separate layers of connective fibers, each of which is laid directionally apposed and bonded together using an environmentally friendly resin. This yields a series of cranking rods that are 25% stronger than traditional fiberglass rods, feature a rebound rate that approaches high modulus graphite blanks, while also remaining lighter than normal glass rods.

The Wright & McGill S-Glass Casting Rods wouldn't be complete without premium components. Durable zirconium oxide guides help reduce weight and improve casting distance. The split-grip handle design assists with weight reduction, and combined with the large fighting butt delivers excellent balance and leverage. Furnishing all day comfort and a secure grip, the revolutionary molded rubber handles are designed not to dampen the sensitivity emanating into the angler's hands. Complete with Skeet's signature black and yellow coloring, the Wright & McGill S-Glass Casting Rods are designed to meet the demands of fishing a range of crankbaits to their full potential.

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Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. [ View Diagram ]

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I got the 7ft crankbait rod as a gift. the sensitivity is mind blowing and the action is great. glad I got this rod

From: Troy Bradford: Hope, Arkansas 12/5/16

Comments: I bought the 7"1 heavy cover rod & took it out same day I received it. Ended up catching 16 largies all over 2.0lbs, the rod had no problems at all getting em in.

From: Isac: TX 7/24/16

Comments: I just received the 6'8" Square Bill a few days ago. Matched the rod w/ a Curado cranking reel; awesome combo!! Really easy to cast even the smallest crankbaits. Cranking larger lures all day is much easier on the hands, fingers, and wrists with the glass material. Good balance, and plenty of power for hook setting and moving fish from cover. Fantastic value!!! My 2nd W&M Skeet Reese rod & no complaints with quality or performance.

From: John: Knoxville, TN 12/21/15

Comments: Great action for throwing crankbaits a mile & of fish I've hooked on I haven't had one come unbuttoned yet.  Downside- after only using it a handful of times the rod broke about 2-1/2 ft from the tip bringing a 15" fish into the boat.  W&M has a warranty of course, but to have to pay $30 to send it back on the hopes they will call it "defective" and replace it is crap IMO

From: Steve: MD 6/11/15

Comments: Got the 7' cranking rod over the winter. Well balanced, will throw cranks a long ways and haven't lost a fish yet. The downside, not made too well, and broke the rod on about its 4th trip out bringing a 15" fish into the boat. Not the tip either- about 2-1/2 ft down.

From: Steve: Maryland 6/10/15

Comments: Talking about the 7' "Medium heavy" here... this rod is AWFUL! I can't believe Skeet Reese would ever endorse a rod with this low quality! No strength, no power, super heavy, unbalanced, awful tip, no backbone, ZERO sensitivity! I consider myself an above average fisherman, but using this rod, I could not even tell if I had a fish on. The rod would load wrong and I couldn't know what it was. I lost every fish that "bit" And if you were dragging a salad full of grass with your crankbait, you couldn't even feel it, much less rip it out for a reaction bite. I got rid of this rod after a half a summer of use. Stick with 13 Fishing. For the same price, its worth 1000x more.

From: Tom: MN 1/7/15

Comments: Awesome rod. The tip is absolutely perfect for square bills. The tip allows me to throw lighter square bills farther. Thanks TW!

From: Mitch: WI 9/12/14

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